Saturday, April 26, 2008

Sometimes, the irony lasts for months.

Googling around a bit earlier and came across this gem from last fall, in which Blogging Tory co-founder and overworked wet nurse and child psychologist Stephen Taylor has a funny definition of "libel":

Liberal MP Dominic Leblanc stated,

"To date, we have learned that eleven of the former Conservative candidates and official agents implicated in this scandal were named to federal appointments or were hired in high profile government jobs. One has to wonder if there is a connection between their willingness to participate and employment by this Conservative government"

The Conservatives allege that such statements are libelous as the letter addressed to the Liberals reads, "In particular, it is defamatory to suggest or imply that the positions that these individuals have or have had on Ministers' staffs are "rewards" for having engaged in illegal conduct."

But, Stephen ... M. Leblanc never suggested anything explicitly, did he? He merely mused aloud that there was something odd here that one might "wonder" about, nothing more -- a tactic that I recently documented as being one of the favourites of your very own BT member Steve Janke. Under the circumstances, then, it's a wee bit difficult to understand your objection back then.

Oh, and your subsequent linking to Janke himself at the bottom of that post for corroboration? Gold. Pure irony gold. Keep it up, Stephen. I have no idea where this blog would be without you.

P.S. Stephen? Could we have the Blogging Tory search feature back? Seriously, that provided my readers and myself with just hours of hilarity. Why did it go away? Enquiring minds would love to know.


CanadaHolly said...

In the absence of a search feature, you can always put in your desired word into google, followed by a space and then

You're welcome, happy to help. If you like, I can teach you to suck eggs, too.

liberal supporter said...

Yes, but the whole idea of mentioning the search feature over and over is to ridicule them for being pwned into taking it down. Watch for the dissembling about how it didn't work right, or it got lost in a site update or something, anything but admit they are being embarrassed daily by bad people using it.