Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Conscam: Don't be bringing that "free speech" argument in here.

As "impolitical" pointed out back here, some of the more retarded conservative pundits have decided to make this a "free speech" issue:

Free political speech is essential to political freedom. And isn’t political freedom the reason we have these elections in the first place?

Sadly for Frum and the rest of his brain-damaged colleagues in the Wank-o-sphere, "impolitical" gives us part deux:

As you listen to Pierre Poilievre and other conservatives like David Frum tell you that the in-and-out transfers of national Conservative money to local candidates were grounded in the principles of free speech, keep this in mind:

In documents filed in Federal Court, where the Tories have mounted a case against the Chief Electoral Officer, the freedom of speech argument is not mentioned.

Rather, the party insists that advertising claimed by local candidates benefited those candidates, and all was done in accordance with federal statutes.

The free speech argument is all for public consumption to make it seem like they have a stirring constitutional argument in play. It's not.


, there's an old lawyer joke that goes:

"Your Honour, my client is innocent since he wasn't there. But even if he was there. he didn't do it. And if he did it, it was an accident. Besides, that son-of-a-bitch had it coming."

I'm sure you can appreciate the logical inconsistencies in the above, with someone trying on a number of mutually contradictory defenses to see which one might fly. The parallels should now be obvious:

"We didn't break any election spending laws. But if we did, they were stupid laws."

Yeaahhhhh ... you guys might want to decide which horse you want to ride here, 'cuz you can't ride both of them at the same time.


Ti-Guy said...

The National Post really has served as a wonderful training ground for practiced liars. It's astounding. Everyone who doesn't leave disgusted ends up intellectually and morally bankrupt, as opposed to just being stupid when they first arrive.

Anyway, time to read Richard Perle's and David Frum's The End of Evil. I'm sure it's aged well.

The Seer said...

"We didn't break any election spending laws. But if we did, they were stupid laws."

If they such such stupid fucking laws, why hasn't Canada's New Government changed the laws?

The whole point of being The Government is that you get to do things like that.

Makes it look like the laws didn't get stupid til Canada's New Government got caught.

That guy said...

Money is not speech.

Mark Richard Francis said...

The more money you have, the more free speech you get?

Makes Tory sense. The poor = no voice, the rich = lots of voice.

Dana Hunter said...

First they steal ideas from our neocons. Now they're stealing ideas from our creationists (ie, the "cast it as free speech! argument). Have your conservatives done ANYTHING original, or are they only capable of imitating our own dear dumbasses?