Saturday, April 19, 2008

Today’s sign of the apocalypse.

Wherein I actually kind of, sort of, maybe agree with the rantings of Five Feet of Brother Can You Spare a Dime™. Wait for it ...

This actually stopped happening to me...
when I stopped fraternizing with liberal/leftist/progressive men.

Dear Ms Rebecca Solnit of the LA Times:

Conservative men don't do this to me. They usually want me to explain something to them, and actually listen when I do so.

And since I'm almost twice as old now as I was when I was a leftist, it isn't because they're trying to get into my pants.

They also have good jobs, real shoes and decent hair cuts, for the most part.

You know, I have no problem believing that real Conservative men don’t feel the need to explain things. After all, I’m sure they’ve got the little woman trained to immediately say "How high?" when they say "Jump".

And asking questions? Please. The last thing any big strong Conservative man wants is a woman with the unmitigated gall to try and think for herself. I think it interferes with the whole "Lord and Master" thing they've got going on ...

Careful there, Five Feet of Food Bank™, once again your blatant Conservative misogyny is showing.


Dr.Dawg said...

Time to bring back this gem:

Anonymous said...

Conservative men usually have sex with boys or other men in

Of course, Conservative women are the typical fifty's stay-at-home "please my man" as long as sex if for having babies...
And I know he's listening to me 'cause he's nodding his head while reading the newspaper or watching TV...

CanadaHolly said...

Wot the whelk is she talking about?

The only men I know who behave as she describes are gay men. Oh, and some teachers.

AND, attend carefully to this exception, con artists.

They have to listen to you and question you and remember your answers, because they need to know what, or at least how, you think.

liberal supporter said...

it isn't because they're trying to get into my pant
This from the person who claims people want to rape her.

The kind of person Ms. Solnit describes is not from a specific location in the left and right political spectrum, as Ms. Shaidle would have us believe, but rather from some point in the up and down of the evolutionary spectrum.

However, this sort of rude behaviour has its roots in a lack of courtesy and politeness. One is polite because of a basic belief that everyone has something to say, and you can't assess the value of their words until you hear them.

Many, however, and I think this is more common among our right wingers, confuse politeness with political correctness which in today's definition, means hypocrisy and putting on an act.

So Kathy's experience is likely of "conservative" men being deliberately "politically correct" by listening to her, i.e. putting on an act. And it is probably to get laid, since they think she would likely be feisty in bed as well. There is no doubt she does see this sexual undercurrent, any comment about their shoes and hair in the same sentence being a dead giveaway.

Was there a memo or something on the Fright Wing Decoder Ring network? "Write stuff that makes it sound like people who would find your views generally repugnant actually agree with you" Looks like Kathy and Ezra got it.

Next it will be Catherine, claiming "CC never actually came out and said he hates the Nazis and what they did, in those exact words, therefore he agrees with all of my views".

Then SUZANNE will say (caps removed for readability): "Lulu has never actually said 'there should be no protection of any kind for the singleton' and in fact agrees that killing a singleton against the mother's wishes should be treated as a crime. Therefore, Lulu agrees with all of my views".

Ti-Guy said...

Wow, bizarre. Some types of men do this type of thing to everyone, other men as well. They're fabulists and/or jerks.

And who, these days, engages in that most of all? The real disappointment is that women who call themselves "conservative" are doing this as well: either by presenting poorly-understood or thinly-researched ideas as authoritative wisdom (as in Shaidle's little anecdotes from her days as a drunken lefty), or referencing less than credible evidence to support whatever hair-brained point their trying to make.

Ti-Guy said...


Sheena said...

They also have good jobs, real shoes and decent hair cuts, for the most part.

But.. she's right about that part. Gotta give her that.

Ti-Guy said...

Shaidle's paramour (right).

...More "Conservative" men here.

No degree of fashion sense is going to make a difference with any of these guys, I believe.