Monday, April 28, 2008

Questions you should be smart enough not to ask.

Hilariously, Blogging Tory crime reporter "Neo Conservative" takes careful aim and manages to blow his nads off with this one:

If [Barack Obama's] afraid of Hillary...

What's he gonna do the next time Osama comes knockin'?

A good point, Neo. Perhaps Barack Obama can take his lead from steely-eyed rocket man President Chimpy McChimpster, whose stern resolve on the day of 9/11 can best be summarized by the phrases "Louisiana", "Nebraska" and "leaving a trail of fear-soaked urine wherever he goes."

President George W. Bush and Blogging Tory "Neo Conservative": Because adult diapers aren't just for incontinence anymore.


James Bow said...

Well, to be fair, I have my doubts that the secret service allowed Bush's feet to touch the floor.

Red Tory said...

Good old "Neo"... He actually speaks up to the lowest common denominator.

E in MD said...

As much as I hate this Presidency I think that's a bit unfair to categorize him as a coward because of the continuity of government plans that have been in place for forty or more years. ( It's much more fair to categorize him as a coward for not showing up for national guard duty during war time ).

In the event of an attack the President is removed as far as possible from danger. That's no cowardice, it's prudence. In a time of crisis a nation needs strong, decisive, clear leadership. Unfortunately what we had at the time was Chimpy McChimperton but I'm sure the CoG plan doesn't differentiate between competent and incompetent Presidents.

I dunno.. I just think there's enough about Bush to hate, loathe, despise and ridicule without bringing up stuff like that. Continuity of government plans are there to prevent decapitation strikes and I would think most governments have them in some form or another. For example: How one legal opinion by some hack lawyer suddenly overrode the Constitution and Bush allowed it to happen.