Sunday, April 27, 2008

Segregation is in the eye of the beholder, isn't it?

Blogging Tory and really, really creepy racist "Neo Conservative" is seriously miffed with the notion of a school that caters to a particular racial or cultural demographic:

As Canada returns to the good ol' days of segregation...

Canada's first Africentric alternative school will be a school within a school – not a free-standing building – and is being proposed for a wing of sprawling Sheppard Public School near the northwest corner of Sheppard Ave. W. and Keele St.

The pilot program, which Sheppard principal Ira Applebaum called an "exciting opportunity" in a letter last night to parents, would be open to children of any background across Toronto, from junior kindergarten to Grade 5, who would wish to enrol in September 2009.

On the other hand, some folks have no problem with that idea:

Build new residental schools, if that's what it takes and tell the detractors to go to hell...

Posted by Kate at December 4, 2004 1:41 PM

The Blogging Tories: Because when it comes to "segregation," context is everything.

WOW. Just ... wow:

Definition: when the oppressors no longer tell the oppressed that they are too stupid for normal education - it just lets the oppressed say it, then agrees with them.

That's The Politic's Shane Edwards, sniffing disdainfully at the idea that like-minded people with a common cultural perspective might want a centralized location where that perspective might be emphasized.

That would also be Shane Edwards of the right-wing aggregator "Blogging Tories," where like-minded people gather in one place to emphasize a particular perspective that ... oh, fuck, if I really need to finish that for you, you're too stupid to be visiting here.

AFTERSNARK: Using Shane's logic, one could similarly conclude that the descriptive phrase "too stupid for normal education" could apply just as well to Catholics in Ontario, who seem pretty pleased with their separate school system.

Come on, Shane ... are you sure you wanted to go down that road? I'm just askin'.

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Balbulican said...

An equally informed discussion on the same topic is underway at thePolitic, where Shane has taken to inventing quotes to support his argument.

I say again: if you have to lie to back up your point, don't you think there might be something wrong with your premise?