Thursday, April 24, 2008

Unfounded, perky optimism, SDA-style.

And over at Kate's Aryan Roadhouse and BBQ Palace, Kate is all moist over one Gen. David Petraeus and how he's finally getting the props he deserves:

And how is that "surge" going, Kate? Uh oh ...

The surge must go on, Petraeus to tell Congress

The Bush administration's most senior advisers on Iraq, the commander of US forces, General David Petraeus, and the ambassador to Baghdad, Ryan Crocker, will launch a new drive today to defer any exit of troops until April 2008 amid growing doubts about their credibility in Congress and among the public.

In two days of testimony before Congress, Gen Petraeus and Mr Crocker will make the case for the White House that America should maintain the current strategy and force levels in Iraq.

Because nothing says "surge" like, well, continuing to surge. Over and over. Again and again. Repeatedly.

Check back in 2013 when Kate will be happy to report that we're just about to turn the corner in Iraq. And light at the end of the tunnel. And they're just a bunch of desperate dead-enders. And ... and ...

Fuck, I really need more of a challenge here, don't I?

: Pete Wehner gives this whole plan a "thumbs up." And, after all, Pete should know.

. You have to love how the vaunted surge is being framed in the context of having been proposed "in the face of gale force political winds." Really? Is that how it happened? Political opposition only? I beg to differ (emphasis added):

White House, Joint Chiefs At Odds on Adding Troops

The Bush administration is split over the idea of a surge in troops to Iraq, with White House officials aggressively promoting the concept over the unanimous disagreement of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, according to U.S. officials familiar with the intense debate.

Well, isn't that special? Even the Joint Chiefs of Staff thought the idea sucked. And Kate? Once again, the pathological dishonesty. It just never ends, does it?

No, it doesn't.


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General Betrayus.

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