Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Would you like some nails to go with that piece of wood, JoJo?

The Blogging Tories' Pissy Whiner-in-Residence JoJo goes all Full-Metal Martyr on us:

In any case, some of my readers have questioned my apparently heavy-handed comment moderation policy lately.

The reason should now be crystal clear.

Yes, JoJo; that's why you're so selective with the comments you publish at that day care you call a blog -- because you're scared of the big bad HRC. It's not because you're such a pathetic whiner that you can't handle anything even remotely resembling criticism or dissension from your readers. No, you've been ruthlessly culling even the mildest forms of disagreement from commenters for years because of a recent development. Funny how that new excuse works retroactively, isn't it?

But wait ... it gets so much better:

Because the left hates free speech, ...

Well, of course we do, JoJo ... which explains your systematic crushing of opposing views in your comments section, while mine is unmoderated to allow for the give-and-take that should characterize a blog that claims to support the free and unfettered exchange of ideas, even ones I don't agree with. Talk about irony, eh, Joanne?

To be precise (and so that there's no misunderstanding), I do have two limits on my comments section. The first is that I don't allow purely anonymous comments, which is simply to keep things comprehensible, but that's not a real restriction since it's trivial to register for a Blogger handle. And the second is that, after sufficient warning, I will turf commenters who turn into pure assholes and contribute nothing to the discussion. You know -- folks like "francis walsingham." The rule for commenters here is simple: Either be informative, or be entertaining. If you're neither, you're gone. How much simpler can I make it?

In any event, JoJo, howzabout you put a freakin' sock in it? Like some of the whiny, right-wing bloggers before you, the recent HRC brouhaha has apparently driven you to wet yourself in pure fear, and given you yet another excuse to hermetically seal yourself off even more tightly from anyone else's disagreeable opinion.

And yet, amazingly, we here at CC HQ manage to soldier on, making fun of you and your airhead colleagues and not changing our M.O. even slightly. Don't you find that curious, JoJo? Doesn't it make you wonder what we're doing right, and what you're fucking up completely?

I didn't think so.


Red Tory said...

JoJo hasn't the foggiest fucking clue when it comes to "free speech" — she will occasionally "allow" dissenters to comment. Provided they're on their best behaviour and don't insult anybody. It's a complete farce.

Ti-Guy said...

Yes, but she's chirpy, perky and bouncy. That has to count for something.

JJ said...

"Chirpy, perky and bouncy" -- like the Chicken Lady!!

The Seer said...

John 8:32 — which is what you get to read when you click through to JJ's profile — doesn't say that free speech will set you free; it says "the Truth will set you free."

Ti-Guy said...

"Chirpy, perky and bouncy" -- like the Chicken Lady!!

No, like this (right).

Chimera said...

What -- all silicone and no brains?