Friday, April 25, 2008

Time to play.

As always ... in the comments, if you please.

1) Name one slasher film (preferably original) that honestly scared you.

2) Your favourite Viking movie and why.

3) And just to change things up ... coffee or tea in the morning? Be warned — anyone who says neither will be regarded with deep suspicion by this girl.

Me first.

1) Halloween with Jamie Leigh Curtis, the very first one. As campy as it might seem now, that movie scared me silly the first time I saw it. I’m not even sure why — I think it was a combination of the utterly expressionless mask that Michael Myers wore and the soundtrack which was brilliantly creepy.

2) The Thirteenth Warrior which is based on Michael Crichton’s retelling of Beowulf. It has everything a good Viking film needs — bloody sword fights, mythical monsters, scary stories in the longhouse and Vikings laughing in the face of death. It also has incredible cinematography and an outstanding cast, which includes Tony Curran, one of my favourite actors.

3) Coffee, coffee, coffee in the morning and green tea in the afternoon. I would be completely useless without at least 2 cups before noon.

Your turn.


Father Shaggy said...

1) Slasher flicks don't scare me, though Hostel grossed me out, and Descent made me uncomfortable. I am totally desensitized. I love horror movies, though.

2) None, I guess, though I did like 13th Warrior, so I guess that wins by default.

3) A pot of coffee daily, or at least 2 XLs by noon.

KEvron said...

1) texas chainsaw massacre. only one that ever did. wasn't quite old enough yet, when i first saw it (well after it's initial release), to appreciate camp value.

when leatherface slams that steel door after his first appearance.... *shudder*

2) does ivanhoe count? hmmm.... favorite? i like the genre, but they've all been kinda flawed in one way or another. kirk douglas climbing those thrown axes in the vikings was cool.

3) coffee is life.

Heathen Mike said...

1. Halloween III - Actually not sure if if was II or III, but whichever one had Jason stab the guy in the eye with a hypo and kill another with a hacksaw to the neck and a huge twist. Fucked me up for a couple weeks when I was in grade seven.

2. I'll be damned if I can even think of a viking movie right now. suck.

3. Coffee, hands down. Lotsa cream, lotsa sugar.

liberal supporter said...

1) wasn't really a slasher movie, but I feel asleep watching tv and woke up to some scene in an abattoir with chickens going down the assembly line hanging upside down, someone slits each throat, blood spurts and drains as they continue along, and voice over is droning something about how the end will be for humans. I was visiting a cousin, so I don't know what it was or what station or anything. Scared the crap out of me.

2) Do the old Wunderbar commercials count?

3) I have heard tell of people actually drinking coffee. How absurd! Each seat in our office has cat-5 cable to the computer server farm (with a UPS), and 18 gauge cannula to the coffee server farm (with a UCS). There are portable coffee drips on stands that we take to meetings.

Lindsay Stewart said...

1) maybe the first halloween. most of the genre are more grotesque than scary.

2) all hail technoviking

3) coffee. liquid consciousness.

Boris said...

1) Never got into slasher stuff but John Carpenter's The Thing scared me shitless.

2) 13th Warrior. Also liked Beowulf and Grundel.

3) Coffee, obsidian. Two cups. Sometimes three.

Sometimes tea (Earl Grey pref) with milk, 2 sugar.

Red Tory said...

Oh my god, I read that book AND watched the film. Both were pretty awful in my opinion but maybe I just didn't have the right ahistorical frame of mind for them. And since when did "Viking movie" become a genre? I can only think of a handful of them but will have to go with the eponymous "The Vikings" from 1958 with Kirk Douglas and, somewhat improbably, Tony Curtis.

I'm out of order now. Oh well. Best "slasher" movie... The original Nightmare on Elm Street. Some of the scenes still resonate in a weirdly powerful and surreal way. Hellraiser was pretty fucking scary too. At least as I remember it.

Coffee, but of course. Mexican organic, free trade. It is... to die for, as the kids say. As for tea (which I drink in the absence of the aforementioned beverage), Twining's English Breakfast.

Red Tory said...

b/c: fair trade

Sorry, I've got "free trade" on my mind these days in another capacity.

Pale said...

The Evil Dead. Original. Pencil scene. nuff said.

Erik the Viking. Terry Jones. Also nuff said. Not that I have seen a lot of viking movies.

Ummm. Coffee? Black. LOTS of it. Having a cup now, and its 9:08 pm. May as well hook up an IV.

Red Canuck said...

1. Nightmare on Elm Street. When I watch it now, it's laughable. But at the time, there was something unspeakably scary about a killer that gets you in your dreams.

2. Huh? I honestly can't think of any "Viking" movies I've seen other than 13th Warrior and Beowulf, and neither of them impressed me much. So I'm going to be devious and say The Big Lebowski, which was a terrific movie, decidedly NOT about Vikings, but did feature a scene in which Julianne Moore was dressed in a Viking outfit.

3. Coffee. Large Double-Double, to be specific.

Red Tory said...

I love the scene where the stairs turn into a gooey marshmallow-like substance. Just wonderful.

KEvron said...

"And since when did "Viking movie" become a genre?"

since terry jones spoofed the genre, smart guy.


Red Tory said...


LuLu said...

KEv's right - anything that's been spoofed is automatically a genre ;-)

Jennifer Smith said...

1) Slasher movies don't really 'scare' me per se, but I thought the original 'Saw' was pretty disturbing.

2) 'Eric the Viking', no question. Hilarious, and far more historically accurate than 'The 13th Warrior' (pheh!). 'Beowulf and Grendel' was also excellent. And I suspect the upcoming 'Outlander' (or as I like to call it, 'Alien vs. Beowulf') will be way up on my list when it finally comes out.

3) Coffee.

Chimera said...

1) Don't like slasher flicks. Don't watch them.

2) Start with The Vikings with Kirk Douglas and Tony Curtis leading the scenery-chewing, and work forward to modern times. I've seen 'em all. I love 'em all. My favorite is any one I'm currently watching.

3) Coffee. It's not just for breakfast.

KEvron said...

rt's right, though; there aren't many (enough?) movies about vikings. i can only come up with five titles, including the spoof.

time to start a letter campaign?


LuLu said...

I'm running out of genres ... maybe I should start getting you guys to suggest questions.

¢rÄbG®äŠŠ said...

If you want hear tumbleweeds and crickets, how about The Romantic Comedy?

Not that I'm ever of any use at all on these, but I'd be even more silent if you ventured into that realm.

I mean, how much more silent could I be what I would be then? ...and the answer is none. None more silent.

Was that Nigel?

900ft Jesus said...

evil dead II - I love zombie movies

Eric the Viking - insane!

(I have to add favourite pirate movie - Yellowbeard) (because I 'ave acute 'earing)

Red Tory said...

Lulu — Here's a genre for you: "Swords & Sandals" (lots to choose from there). "Spy films" would be another good one, as would, more generally "War films" also lots of sub-genres like: aviation films, buddy films, caper films, chase films, espionage films, "fallen" woman films, jungle films, legal films, martial arts films, medical films, military films, parody films, police films, political films, prison films, religious films, swashbucklers, and more.

We're not done here yet by a long mile!