Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Compared to his adoring groupies, it's quite possible.

Another poll just waiting to be freeped:

Top 100 Public Intellectuals

A reader emails;

Foreign Policy is having a poll of the top 100 intellectuals. The vast majority of the names that I recognized in their top 100 list are lefties. However there is a provision for writing in a candidate. The criteria is: "Although the men and women on this list are some of the world's most sophisticated thinkers, the criteria to make the list could not be more simple. Candidates must be living and still active in public life. They must have shown distinction in their particular field as well as an ability to influence wider debate, often far beyond the borders of their own country."

Under this criteria, I chose to write-in Mark Steyn, Canada, Author.

If ever there was a poll to go horribly wrong... here's the link;

Mark Steyn, renowned intellectual. Sure. Why not? What could possibly go wrong?


Ti-Guy said...

Bwahaha...Oh, freep the hell out of that, smalldeadfingersniffers. I beg of you.

Does KKKate actually believe her minions even know what a public intellectual is, let alone who three quarters of the people on that list are? No. That's why she's flogging Mark Steyn.

liberal supporter said...

I think Catherine is hoping someone will write her in as a pubic intellectual.

Red Tory said...

Tom Friedman must be crushed he didn't make the cut.

¢rÄbG®äŠŠ said...

I think Catherine is hoping someone will write her in as a pubic intellectual.


greeneggsandtam said...

Kate- a public intellectual?
Maybe she could make the list...
as one of Delisle's most notable dog walkers or whatever it is that she does.

Dr.Dawg said...

Mark Steyn is a public intellectual like Kate McMillan is Pablo Picasso.

E in MD said...

Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, Salmon Rushdie and George Carlin.