Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The stupid! It burns!

Any snark on my part would be depressingly superfluous.


Balbulican said...

I wonder who they think they're talking to? The writing, the illogic, the parody of "scientific" thought, the astonishing ignorance - if I were an undecided visitor, I think they'd drive into the Darwinian camp quicker than Matthew changing subjects.

chris said...

As an atheist all I can say is,"Oh dear god..."

Ti-Guy said...

I read about three posts and I did not see one credible assertion.

This lying for God...when did they all embrace that so enthusiastically?

It's evil. Eeeeeeevil!

I wish they'd all just shut up and take Philosophy, Theology, Comparative Religions or Quantum Physics. Anything...just stop typing already, you unlettered blowhards.

Mike said... What has happened to our school system?

And the assertion that atheism is dead runs counter to some recent stats. I believe the two fastest growing religions in Canada are Islam and "None"....

Sheena said...

heh heh. Ironical.

Jay said...

Who are the morons that keep trying to engage them in the comments?

They should just let the site die as an echo chamber. Wouldn't take long.

David Webb said...

Another great parody web site by the folks at The Onion.

What? It wasn't?

These guys are making parody near impossible.

liberal supporter said...

Why do they insult God by trying to describe God using mere science? God is above science, and unknowable using science. God is also above literature, the Bible is but the attempts of humans to describe God.

Science is trying to answer how. Religion tries to answer why. You would only teach them together in a one room school.

These "intelligent design" propagandists are really nothing more than idol worshipers. They are not glorifying and worshiping God, they are demanding worship of their view and the substitution of their views for scientific reasoning.

Why any person with any religious feelings would pay them any attention is beyond me.

Just apply the simple test. Could Darwin's theory be wrong? Of course it could and any scientist will tell you that. That is the nature of science. Do the "intelligent design" propagandists ever say their theory could be wrong?

toujoursdan said...

As an Anglican all I an do is shake my head in disgust.

E in MD said...

Yes we have failed so horribly! That's why Atheists now represent 14 or so percent of the global population about 10% of the US Population and why Christian's are dropping out in droves.