Sunday, April 20, 2008

... and did you know the word "gullible" isn't even in the dictionary?

Shorter Suzie Douchebag: "BARK, BARK, BARK!! Um ... whoops."

You know, normal people would be at least a little embarrassed about being that much of a clueless airhead.

: You have to love this utterly-misplaced outrage of Suzie's from the second link above:

A "creative fiction" huh?

They defend her "right" to lie to the press and perpetuate this hoax in the name of art?

Nice going Yale U! The ethical standards of the University.

Yes, kids, that's Suzie, getting all bent out of shape over someone else's "creative fictions." I believe the word you're looking for here is "irony."

: I realize it's overkill on a grand scale, but this comment of Suzie Douchebag's cannot go unobserved:

Yeah, because it's completely unthinkable for a pro-abortion feminists to have done this, when others have use menstrual blood in their own art, or covered the Blessed Virgin in cow manure.

Completely inconceivable.

But note that the woman in question did put out a press release and made it all seem very real.

Gigi, it does sound very credible. That's why a lot of people bought it.

Here let me tighten that up for you:

Suzie Douchebag: "Those baby killers did something horrible!"

Non-stupid person: "Actually, they didn't."

Suzie Douchebag: "Well, OK. But they could have! And that's what counts!"

And that's pretty much the storyline of the Retarded Right: Make a bizarre and unfounded accusation, get called on it and, rather than apologize for it, simply take the position that accuracy isn't that important anyway because, gosh darn it, it's something that might have happened and that's just as bad.

Little Suzie Douchebag: Inventing reality, then getting offended by it. Can you even imagine how fucked up her children are going to be?


LuLu said...

Irony is much too big a word for SUZIE's tiny fetus-obssessed brain to comprehend. While it might have only 5 letters, it possesses 3 syllables and that's where things get scary ...

Red Tory said...

How sad is it that I don't even have to click on your links to know exactly what this is all about and be able to imagine quite clearly the ALL CAPS OUTRAGE over it? What a bonehead she is.

Lindsay Stewart said...

she sparkles like a turnip.

Red Tory said...

LOL. I'll have to remember that one!

KEvron said...

"great art disturbs."


liberal supporter said...

The Blessed Virgin was never covered in cow manure. I can find accounts of an image of said Virgin being so covered, but none regarding the Blessed Virgin herself.

Unless you, of course consider said image to be the Blessed Virgin.

But that would be idolatry.

Why does SUZANNE practice Idolatry? It is un-Christian.