Thursday, July 12, 2007

Is it physically possible to be any stupider?

Global warming is a myth. Kate has pictures.


MgS said...

Great - Kate's taking her cues from Jinx.

mikmik said...

Not only is that picture old, and even if the captions are correct, and even if the perspective is not out of whack and that is an exhaust fan from a heat source (oh, the air conditioner),and even ifthat really is a ...*(hey! see below), do these imbeciles @ SDA think researchers et al use that one station for all their data? Is that where the sat measurements come? Photos of glacier and ice cover retreat, all the other types of data measuring climate change?

*I put "..." up there because it was occuring to me there is really nothing to say anything about the credibility of that photo. It could be any remote substation, or farm building, or anything.

With those thoughts in mind, the comments over there are funnier still!

chris said...

My favorite comment?
"Steve's a real scientist."
Unlike these guys I guess.