Thursday, July 19, 2007

Your morning eye-rolling irony.

Hey, kids, let's see what's happening over at "Celestial Junk" ... ooooh, this doesn't look good:

Annie Toys with Defeatocrat Terrorism Logic

I know that "progressives" explain their hate for Ann Coulter by pointing to her regular outlandish (or seemingly so [sic]) outbursts. Annie does give "progressives" lots of ammo to shoot at [sic]; but what you will seldom hear or see progressia doing is debating Anne [sic] on her logic.

You see, Annie dishes out the kind of logic your granddad might ... based on common sense, stripped of politically correct gobbledygook, and void of those endless rationalizations that are often the modus operendi [sic] of posers.

Coulter ... Coulter ... oh, right, that Ann Coulter, the one who implied Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards was a "faggot"; who wished that Timothy McVeigh had taken his truck bomb to the New York Times building; who recommended that we "should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity"; who suggested that Pennsylvania Democrat and ex-Marine John Murtha was "the reason soldiers invented ‘fragging’”; who publicly joked that a Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court be poisoned; who opined that the proper way to talk to liberals is with a baseball bat; and who suggested that the 9/11 widows were revelling in the deaths of their husbands ... that Ann Coulter?

It occurs to me, Paul, that if you're such a gushing fan of Ann Coulter, you're kind of the last person on the planet who should be lecturing me on civility. Know what I mean?

BY THE WAY, PAUL ... Coulter's not only a hideous human being, she's unspeakably stupid, too. So I can totally understand the hero worship you've got going on there. Somehow, it just works for you.

BONUS TRACK: I'm guessing Coulter's pronouncements on biological evolution are more of what Paul considers her talent for "logic" and "common sense." People who are not retarded, however, would beg to differ. At this point, one should expect a witty rejoinder from Paul along the lines of, "Hey, CC! Thanks for the links!" Cuz, you know, it's what they do.

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Ti-Guy said...

From your post at 3:40 AM:

P.S. Comments are back on. Think you folks can behave and actually address the issues?

Does that apply to this post as well? Because I can't begin to choose what issue to address here. Who's more psychotic...Celestial Drunk or Ann Coulter?

Maybe I should just cut and paste the entire DSM-IV and leave it at that.

Seriously, you can't go on after this:

You see, Annie dishes out the kind of logic your granddad might ... based on common sense...

No, Paul. She doesn't. She lies.