Monday, July 16, 2007

Yeah, let's stick with that Michael Yon hack for a while.

I can see we're going to get endless entertainment out of this, but I'm surprised no one's picked up on this particular bit of Yon-flavoured dumbfuckitude, when Yon addresses Harry Reid's contention that the "surge" has failed:

He’s wrong, he’s wrong. It has absolutely not failed, and in fact, I’m finally willing to say it in public.

Strong words, Mikey. And your irrefutable evidence would consist of? (emphasis added)

I feel like it’s starting to succeed...

I mean, I sense that the surge is working. Reid is just wrong.

Actual evidence: Apparently, that's only for liberals.

. I'm not sure how I'd amuse myself without some of my commenters as, back here, first commenter "anonymous" checks in briefly from the planet Weembo with the following re-interpretation of reality:

The amusing thing is that if you actually read Yon's work, instead of trying to impose the views of some of his readers on him for your own partisan reasons, you would find that he is probably the best person out there at describing the harrowing reality you quote and reference in the first part of this post.

Anonymous has a point if, by "harrowing reality," you mean gullibly and uncritically reporting frightening but weirdly infeasible stories from anonymous sources while showing absolutely no interest in verifying whether those stories are even remotely based in fact.

I mean, except for that, yes, anonymous, I see your point.


Anonymous said...

Well, if the head of Homeland Security Chertoff has a "gut" feeling that a terrorist attack is going to occur, why can't Yon "feel" that the surge is working?

Red Tory said...

Another fine example of "faith-based thinking" that's so prevalent on the Right these days.

Mike said...

I'll bet these guys think that Riverbend's blog was "faked" because it was the blog of an actual Iraqi that was none to pleased with the war and the situation on the ground.