Saturday, July 28, 2007

It's not a "disease," it's an "abomination." There's a difference.

Shorter Gay and Right Fred: "Thirty years ago, those disgusting communists thought homosexuality was a 'disease.' Luckily, today's conservatives are much more enlightened."


E in MD said...

Yeah it's always an abomination or a disease until your pastor ( Ted Haggard ) or your Congressmen ( Mark Foley ) gets caught doing something. Then it's 'poor soul lured away from god by godless liberals'.


If you like gay sex, you like gay sex. If you don't you don't and you know what? Neither is anybody's freaking business but you and your gay or straight sex partner(s).

Unfortunately you get these right wing asshole Xian neo-conservative types who feel the need to run everyone's lives for them who seem to believe that despite admonitions by their own holy book, they are qualified to judge someone else's life.

It's sad really. They're so miserable with their own lives that they have to make sure nobody else is enjoying themselves either. You can see by the fact that 54% of all divorces in the US are amongst Christians with the largest percentage 29% being among Baptists. The more conservative you are, the more likely you're going to divorce. Amusingly enough Atheists and Agnostics come in at about 11% divorce rates. Maybe a little butt sex would do them some good.

E in MD said...


E in MD said...

How odd. When I tried to put my citations in the same text as my post I got a message that says

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But when I posted them separately it worked just fine.