Saturday, July 28, 2007

Warren Kinsella: Big freaking deal.

You know, I'm really trying to muster some outrage over this:

TORONTO -- A battle of the sexes erupted at the Ontario legislature Tuesday after an editorial photo illustration, deemed by many to be derogatory to women, was discovered on the website of Liberal strategist Warren Kinsella.

The photograph posted Monday depicts former Lanark Landowners' Association president Randy Hillier at an Ontario Progressive Conservative barbecue accompanied by Leader John Tory and Conservatives Scott Reid and Lisa MacLeod.

Thought bubbles beside each of the politicians suggest they're not particularly pleased to be sharing a stage with the controversial farm activist. The blurb beside MacLeod, however, suggests she'd rather be "baking cookies'' than standing beside her leader at a campaign event.

"I very much wish I was somewhere else, at this very moment. Baking cookies, perhaps. Oh my,'' reads the caption.

But I can't. When various members of the Blogging Tories regularly post their boneheaded, hateful screeds, and the lunatic Free Dominion web site pretty much defines the concept of "hate speech," the sexism inherent in baking cookies just doesn't rise to the level of an impeachable offense around here.

I think everyone needs to recalibrate their outrage-o-meter.


Dean P said...

AMEN. And anyone who pays any attention to Kinsella would know damn well that Kinsella's not even slightly sexist (or any -ist). And of course it's okay to talk about how gays are sinners if you're a wingnut . . .

Robert McClelland said...

Actually it is a big deal. Not the supposed sexist remark but that he's getting a taste of his own foul medicine. For that reason alone everyone should insure that it tastes as bitter as possible.

Red Tory said...

I thought his explanation that he took it down because his wife didn't think it was funny was especially lame. But this is a lot of phony outrage over nothing, imho. (As much as I concur with Robert's sentiment.)

Unknown said...

"I think everyone needs to recalibrate their outrage-o-meter."

Aren't you the one who got his panties in a twist over repetitious letters-to-the-editor? I guess you're just one of those "do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do" types.