Friday, July 20, 2007

Oh, no. Say it ain't so.

Un - freakin - believable:

Boycott the trolls

Can you do it? Boycott CC.

Oh, no, Br'er Fox ... please don't throw me in that brier patch.

How fucking stupid do you have to be to not understand what the word "troll" means?

, the irony of describing me as a "troll" is based on the fact that I have a policy not to comment on the blogs of those people I criticize on a regular basis, since those people are simply uneducatable in any way. Trying to educate a Canadian wanker is like trying to teach a pig to sing -- it's a waste of time, and it annoys the pig.

So what we have is a group of drooling, screeching, feces-flinging howler monkeys who stop by here on a regular basis to leave their tightly-coiled piles of right-wing personality on the front lawn, describing me, who never comments on their sites, as a "troll." That is tres amusante, non?

And as for a boycott, Joanne, let me assure you that nothing would give me a stiffy faster than the thought that you and your intellectually and emotionally stunted friends wouldn't be sullying my comments section any more. Really. I live for the day.


Rev.Paperboy said...

shit, don't we all? I've never understood the phenomenon of trolling. It seems to give some people a certain juvenile thrill to come onto a blog comment thread and either spew insults at all and sundry or play "derail the conversation" with spurious logic and high school debaters double talk. Why? Why do this? If they think we are so misguided, why not just ignore us? Or could it be that they are a bunch of bullying dickswads?

E in MD said...

Or could it be that they are a bunch of bullying dickswads?

By the rev., at 9:50 AM

- - - - -

Mostly I figure they just have nothing in their lives that occupies their time. I suppose they could be off torturing kittens with a hacksaw or pulling the wings off of flies but I imagine that doesn't hold the same amount of fun for them.

Besides, there's no laws preventing trolling, whereas if you start torturing kittens with hacksaws someone's probably going to object. So they need another outlet for their anti-social and narcisistic personality types.