Saturday, July 21, 2007

Great moments in intellectual, right-wing discourse.

From the comments section:

At Fri Jul 20, 10:56:00 AM EDT, ootpoot said…

If you were Ann Coulter's cousin, would that justify supporting her inflammatory lies about the 9-11 widows?

It is quite apparent from even a quick reading of the Canadian Cynic commentary that he is using a writing style called "satire" to highlight the two-faced obsequieousness of the rightwing's support of Coulter-style rabid attack dog moonbattery.

You seem to have easily slipped into the self-righteous whining "Boo hoo, think of the children" defense that particularly characterises the fundamentalist hypocrites.

Not buying it, JJ.

At Fri Jul 20, 10:58:00 AM EDT, Joanne (True Blue) said…

Ootpoot, you have made a bizarre comparison there with Coulter. It's not even worth addressing.


And just so you all know, I will delete any comment on a whim.

No reason. No apologies. My blog, my rules.

JJ then went on to tell ootpoot that he was ugly, and that he smelled bad.

: At that same post, commenter "Kingston" proffers the following:

I have a suggestion, and I would like to hear other thoughts on it. The vast majority of our little blogging family that we all surf to belong to BT,Liblog, or PBlog. Can we not request the leaders of these three main entities hold a meeting and form some kind of common ground rules that will be adhered to, even to sitting up a non-partisan little disciplinary board to govern the common blogs. i.e. penalties could be, some form of censure such as removal from blog rolls, etc. I think it could be easily setup if Mr.Taylor, Mr. Cherniak, and not sure who runs Pblog were agreeable.

Why, yes, Kingston ... and let's have Canada's conservatives finally decide that it's time to clean up the toxicity of the blogosphere. What a ducky idea.

I'd write more but I'm busy snorting milk out of my nose.


Burton, Formerly Kingston said...

CC, Tell me what is wrong with bringing a little bit more civility to the blogs before someone crosses the great and wonderful line and Big Brother decides he has to do it for us. Do you relish the chance to sit before a HofC committee and explain your site. Another thing, do not call me a conservative, a liberal, a NDP'er or a Green, I am not any of those. I decide my vote the day of the election as I believe the vast majority of Canadians should do but in no way to I begrudge them the right to self identify with any party and or movement.

Ti-Guy said...

Your intentions are noble, Kingston, but I personally don't think it's practical or worthwhile. We have laws that circumscribe expression and online behaviour and we should just leave it at that.

The BT's need to clean up their own acts and soon...end of story.

Burton, Formerly Kingston said...

Ti-Guy, Your right, The BT do have to clean up their act as do the Liblogs and the Dippers, and the Progressive. I never said it would be easy but I truly think that we have to do a little self policing before we are policed. While I do not surf FD often because I find almost all posts to be too radical for my tastes, I see what is happening there as just a hint of what is to come. Just as the thoughts of dragging CC to civil court over his recent comments are I do not believe feasible at this time, it is only a matter of time before it will be if we do not stop attacking people and start to debate in a civilizied manner the persons idea. You do not have to call someone a f**king idiot to get that same point across. I see no harm in the "leaders" of the three main political blogger trying to get together and work something out and I have emailed them and asked them to consider it. I have heard back from two, one who is working on it, one who thinks as you but has not said it cannot be done, and no word back from the third yet. It may be a true waste of time but the same was said about making the charter of Rights and Freedoms.

CC said...

kingston writes:

"CC, Tell me what is wrong with bringing a little bit more civility to the blogs before someone crosses the great and wonderful line and Big Brother decides he has to do it for us."

Apparently, kingston, you are unaware of the concept of "irony." Have someone explain it to you.

Burton, Formerly Kingston said...

Everyone seems to be busy right now Cynic, Please feel free to explain the irony in my post.

Scotian said...

The irony appears to be you are advocating one big brother to watch over us (the owners of the various aggregators as a panel) to prevent another big brother (the government) from doing so. At least that is how it looks to me and I suspect others.

CC said...

No, scotian, the irony is that, after years of hateful screeds streaming out of the Canadian wankersphere from such folks as Kate McMillan, Kathy Shaidle, Canadian Sentinel and others, kingston seems to think that it's my blog that represents the catalyst for finally cleaning things up around here.

The deluded naivete of that position should be self-evident.

Burton, Formerly Kingston said...

Scotian, Fair comment, the question to be asked is which big brother would you prefer. I direct to to the pending HRC investigation on FD, which I have already stated I have no problem with, let the chips for where they may, but I see this as shining a big spot light on blogging and I do not think we are going to like what happens. CC, On that your right, it is that post and the over top reaction on all sides that made me think about this. There is always a catalyst for change, it just happen to be you this time.

M@ said...

Well, to be fair, CC, you have used swear-words on your blog. And you know how words like "fuck" can really upset some of those BTs.

After all, they just want to hate who they want to hate, okay? Live and let hate, that's what I always say.

Ti-Guy said...

I think Kingston can be forgiven for being...born yesterday.

I swear, so many people do not seem to have either an attention span or any kind of memory or, most disturbingly, any degree of doubt that they might not know enough about an issue to comment on it.

The civility issue, the f-words...we've discussed these things a million times in the last few years. The Right doesn't get it and the Right never will.

When the Right wants to start talking about actual conservatism again, then I'll be happy to engage it (or maybe not, but at least I'll be less offended).