Monday, July 23, 2007

Atheists: We're here, we're queer ... no, wait ... that's not right ...

The National Post is so cute when it's trying to be clever and failing miserably:

Ditching God

Emboldened Atheists Are Finding Purpose In Coming Out Of The Closet

"Out of the closet." Awwwww ... isn't that just too adorable? Of course, many of us have never been "in the closet" to begin with -- we've been godless and proud of it all along. But here's an interesting passage:

In Canada, the number of people who categorize themselves as atheists, agnostics, humanists or no-religion rose to 16.2% in the 2001 census, up from 12.3% in 1991, and 7.4% a decade earlier.

And why would this be? Could it be a Canadian resurgence of critical thinking and logical analysis, bolstered by rigorous intellectualism, allowing people to treat Christianity with a more skeptical eye?

Or could it be that Canada's avowed representatives of Christian morals and values, the Blogging Tories, are such breathtaking examples of ignorance, hypocrisy, racism, bigotry and seething hate that they're enough to put anyone off their lunch, religion-wise?

Tough questions, yes indeed. Grapple, grapple ...


E in MD said...


Alison said...

I'd like to see the questions asked to determine those percentages.
I was part of a government telephone survey that touched on religion once and I'm really sorry I didn't take note of who was running it.
On the religion question I answered "None", which prompted the follow-up question : "What religion were you raised in?"

Just wondering now how often that follow-up question is asked and whether it is used in determining the final percentages.

Ed said...

we've been godless and proud of it all along

Godless? I prefer to think of myself as Supernatural-free.