Sunday, July 22, 2007

Oh. Dear. God.

Steve Janke: Boy Lawyer. You have to know this is going to end badly, don't you?

AFTERSNARK: When one reads the following snippet from Janke's infantile scribblings:

Is a police investigation considered a judicial proceeding? Are police acting under the authority of a court of justice?

Or is there another part of the Criminal Code that says you can't offer money to people in return for not reporting a what might be a criminal act?

Or is it legal in Canada to make that part of a contract? Especially if one party has already indicated that they are considering calling the police because of strong suspicions held that a crime has been committed?

Interesting questions.

one gets the distinct impression that Janke is not so much laying out a careful, methodical and well-researched case so much as he's begging his readers to do all the work and answer all his questions for him. And, yes, now that you mention it, that does sound familiar.

It's depressing to think that the loftiest ambition you have is to be Jonah Goldberg when you grow up.

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