Monday, July 30, 2007

There has to be a name for this kind of psychosis.

It's not the fact that Canada's neo-con cementheads once again freeped an online poll:

“All that freeping paid off,” crows the Big Blue Bigot, adding “The Blogging Tories collectively deserve a round of thanks for their efforts in this contest.” To the contrary, they deserve our abiding contempt and scorn for spoiling and subverting yet another online poll with their tactics of manipulative coercion. What could have been an interesting little exercise by The Beaver to determine some of our more infamous historical figures of note has instead been crassly perverted for purely partisan and ideological reasons.

Yes, it's an unbelievably childish thing to do, equivalent to mindless, valueless, online vandalism. But RT's missing the larger point. After deliberately going out to radically skew the results of a public opinion poll, some of these very same Blogging Tories then turn around and treat the results as if they're somehow meaningful:

My readers are probably quite aware that I despise Pierre Elliot Trudeau. I am so glad and he and fellow abortion lover Morgentaler ranked 1 and 3 on the worst Canadian list.

Take a minute to think about what sort of mental delusion it requires to do this -- to deliberately tamper with the results of a questionnaire, then present the hopelessly-inaccurate results as if they somehow reflect reality. How utterly deranged do you need to be to behave this way?

And no, I don't really want to know the answer. It was a rhetorical question, fer Chrissake.


notnonny said...

Ok, I get it now... You scan the CNN site and pick one of the stories they're reporting on. That way, when they do their blog search, it enables your name to "pop up" for a few brief few moments... Interesting...

CC said...

Yes, Dick, I are so clever that way, aren't I? And you did, of course, mean to leave that insipid comment on the earlier blog post, where it would have made sense.

Lord, what a twit.

Saskboy said...

Here's some Gold from the other side:
"Buggo, alby, saskboy, all spitting mad... I guess they can't stand it that their personal hero is getting examined without the rose-coloured glasses. Poor kids."

Here's me spitting mad I guess:
(I thought it was more of an ominous foreshaddowing)
cal2, if cost is your criteria [for worst Canadian], then watch out for what Harper is going to cost Canadians down the road by dragging his feet on environmental reforms. He's putting all of his effort into ensuring the Alberta economy excels today, with no thought at all to the near future in 10 years.

Yup, I sound pretty unhinged over my "hero" PET.

thwap said...

I voted once. You could pick 3 people i think, and i voted for Sam Hughes as the worsey-worst.

Ti-Guy said...

My readers are probably quite aware that I despise Pierre Elliot Trudeau. I am so glad and he and fellow abortion lover Morgentaler ranked 1 and 3 on the worst Canadian list.

Good Lord, what a delusional. She's happy that nothing substantive has changed and that she looks, once more, like an egregious, immoral liar and a Goebbels-like propagandist.

Great way to gain support for a cause?

Red Tory said...

There's a fantastically dark world of intellectual depravity contained within the simple expression "abortion lover" that Suzanne casually trots out there. I'm not sure whether she, or many of her readers for that matter, actually appreciate that and realize how deeply reprehensible and and truly offensive that is to many of us who, while not being comfortable with the concept of abortion, nevertheless support women's right to reproductive self-determination as a matter of libertarian principle.

Anonymous said...

Suzanne and her ilk state that at "conception" it is a baby. I say rip the little cells out and see how long they survives autonomously outside the womb...

Alison said...

It gets better.
Fern Hill at Bread and Roses points out that not content with freeping the online poll and then treating those results as legitimate, they are now freeping the "Does Trudeau deserved to be ranked as the 'Worst Canadian?'" poll at CNews.

Unknown said...

Has anyone sent a link to the Beaver, of these people bragging that they freeped the poll?

Ti-Guy said...

After a successful freep, SUZANNE lights up a cigarette.

It's obscene, quite frankly.