Sunday, July 15, 2007

When you've lost the Wall Street Journal ...

When the online web site of the WSJ starts bad-mouthing the Chimp-in-Chief, that's kind of the beginning of the end, don't you think?

On the other hand, if anyone over at Canada's Blogging Tories ever said an uncomplimentary thing about The Boy Emperor, well, that's pretty much the fucking apocalypse right there, isn't it?

(Cue outraged wingnut commenters who don't understand the concept of "hyperbole.")


Miss Cellania said...

If only it really were the beginning of the end. Dubya gave up caring what anyone thought as soon as he won the second term. We still have a year and a half to put up with him, because congress is too concerned with their individual reelections to go after an impeachment.

mikmik said...

Yeah, it seems like the WH is far past even a pretense of caring and is openly flouting their disregard for oversight or any protocol that gets in the way of doing whatever the hell they want.
Yes, miss cellania, I am tearing my hair out at the lack of any media coverage, or legal repercussions - even co-ordinated outrage - from the Congress and senate.
I mean, telling aides not to testify when they have been subpoenaed is witness tampering and obstruction of justice! How about refusing to cooperate and ignoring subpoenas for documents, and even just outright saying, as in Cheney's case (paraphrasing), "You don't have the power to oversee this office"!! He invokes executive privilege when his shady energy policy is being investigated, but turns around and says he is not a member of the executive branch and isn't answerable to the executive restrictions on classified material!!!

He is running a muck and this doesn't make the news? Congress doesn't say "get your ass to jail until you settle down and fly right"?

Shit, I get a very bad feeling here, especially that 97 - 0 vote in the Senate recognizing Iran as a military aggressor to the US.

The beginning of the end - the media starting to get an inkling something is wrong, but the ending is already written up and on its way for final publishing. Cheney and Bush just need to cross a couple of more tees and dot a few i's and the Dems are gibing them a pen to do it while they go out fund raising.

Anonymous said...

Thing is, Emperor Bush doesn't need Congressional approval to go after Iran. The War Powers Act allows him to invade a country for up to 60 days. His only requirements are to keep the troop level below the statute and to report to Congress regularly on what's going on.

And since Emperor Bush doesn't recognize any authority of Congress, why would he bother to even do that?

It's not like Congress can then say "Oops... Sorry our President murdered all your citizens. Our bad." and make things all better. Once you invade a country you're at war whether you like it or not.

It's an interesting political tactic that will be surprisingly effective at destroying America. Funny how that works. We can easily destroy ourselves what no foreign power or terrorist organization could ever hope to.

If the Dems win in 08, they inherit not only the Afghan war, but the Iraq war as well. The Republicans have framed the debate so that any dissent against the President is a dig against the troops. Now, they'll get a war with Iran whether they like it or not. There's no way we can possibly fight a three pronged war over that large a territory and have any possible hope of victory short of a draft and nuclear exchange.

If the Republicans win, they can merely proceed with their ultimate goal the conquest of at the very least the Middle East if not the world. They will continue to paint the Democrats as cowards and fools and continue to use 'Comical Ali' level propaganda here to convince the voters that they're actually doing well despite the catastrofuck the wars have become.

Meanwhile, our treasury will continue to be depleted. Taxes will need to be raised to fund our government and our wars. Soldiers will continue to die by the hundreds. Civilian deaths will be unimaginable.

Then, once America's broken beyond all repair, we're bankrupt and all our forces are off chasing desert mirages, China will step in an invade. They've already proven they can blind our satellites and know how to bring down the net. All they need to do is figure out how to get say, 3-4 million troops over here and they'll crush us completely.

All they really need to do is become BFF's with Russia so they can march through their turf to get to the Bering sea then the whole lot of them can get across. I'm sure given how many countries we've pissed off lately all they'd need to do is agree to share the plunder with the Ruskies. Naturally they'd need to march a few million through the Stans too ( Tajikistan for example ) into Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq and start clobbering us there to distract us.

Don't believe me? Check the CIA factbook on China's military. About half a billion people fit for military service with over 25 million reaching service age annually and it's compulsory service, not volunteer.

So basically, we're fucked ( you Canadians too cuz we'll no doubt be taking you with us ) all thanks to the votes of 51 million morons. Funny how that works.