Thursday, July 19, 2007

Thank you, Lord, for delivering them into my hands.

You know, I was quietly hoping that the yappy poodles from "The Politic" were going to weigh in on this recent brouhaha, since I was curious as to how they were going to justify their inevitable (and, naturally, thoroughly contrived) outrage, given their own blogger Aaron Unruh's less than tasteful posts on female genital mutilation, race relations and same-sex marriage.

Lo and behold.

This really has been an eye-opening experience. I could write a book on the definition of right-wing hypocrisy, wouldn't you say?

Oh, and by the way, Kelly:

And now the Cynic is telling the audience that everyone has had their say. That there will be no more comments on the subject of his f-sharp delivery. He has deemed it ‘discussed’ and closed.

No, Kelly. I turned off comments because I said it was time for everyone to "chill out," and I made it clear that I'd still be here tomorrow. Maybe I should write a book on right-wing dishonesty first.

P.S. Comments are back on. Think you folks can behave and actually address the issues?

BY THE WAY, if you look through the comments section at that previous article of mine, you'll notice that one of the less enlightened responses to my total evisceration of Aaron's idiocy was the anonymous "kill yourself faggot."

So, if I were some of you folks, I'd be really careful about suggesting that you should be giving me lessons in manners and civility. If you catch my drift.

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Ti-Guy said...

I can't believe that silly little twit Joanne (True Blue) is over there imploring everyone to ignore you.

She really is deranged.