Saturday, July 21, 2007

Chet speak.

You listen.

Ed, here's what you are required to do now.

You will apologize, abjectly, cap in hand to the millions of people who were right when you were wrong. You will admit that you were wrong. You will also admit, out loud, that what you are doing now is in no way emboldening the enemy or undermining the nation, and that those you accused of doing so were not in fact doing so. You will admit to having absolutely no comprehension of international politics, and you will express sincere regret in opening your big festering mouth on a topic you do not understand. You will then apologize to Senator John Kerry for undermining him at the Republican convention in 2004. You will then give up your membership in the Democratic Party, and join no other party for the rest of your life.

You will then vanish, never speaking in public on any topic ever again.

Get to work.

The same can be said for about 250 of these ignorant yobs, but I wouldn't bother holding my breath.

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