Friday, July 20, 2007

Yes, let's talk about "hate speech," shall we?

Given that my original post back here inspired the following, rather deranged comment:

What you have written is "hate speech" pure and simple and I am going to notify the proper authorities in the morning.

I think I'll be keeping a close eye on this. And if some people pay attention, maybe they'll be able to tell the difference when it's all over.

We should be so lucky.


Ti-Guy said...

Jeepers...I hadn't revisited the comments there. I didn't know that was still going on.

I'm calling the police on every one one of those commenters. Then I'll make eleventy hundred complaints to the Canadian Human Rights Commission. Then I'm telling their mommies.

*sigh* The re-education camps are going to be crowded...

bigcitylib said...

Update here. Subject of the complaint is "Bill Whatcott", who I had never heard of until today (but I'd read some pretty nasty stuff by him on the forum)