Monday, July 23, 2007

It's a good thing kerning wasn't involved.

As if you needed any more evidence of the global Seculoislamodefeatist conspiracy, Canada's Lowest Common Denominatrix™ brings you the smoking gun:

Russ Vaughn;

The cost of an issue of TIME: $3.95; the time needed to flip through the unrelentingly liberal rag: two minutes, max; their use of a Russian helicopter to depict their hoped for retreat from Iraq by American forces: PRICELESS!

Small Dead Animals: Because nothing says vast, sinister, "cut-and-run" liberal media conspiracy like an underpaid graphics layout intern not knowing her military helicopter silhouettes.

Traitors, the lot of them.


Red Tory said...

How they call that a Freudian slip is beyond me. Now, my catching Matt Sanchez using “gay” instead of “guy” in his article where he “busted” the TNR… THAT was a Freudian slip.

Rev.Paperboy said...

That unrelentingly liberal rag that gives its cover over to puff pieces on Ann Coulter.