Friday, July 13, 2007

How do you even BEGIN to describe the dumbassitude?

There is no meaningful way to respond to this kind of stupidity.


Anonymous said...

CC, this is the type of thing I like from you. Lieberman is a buffon in my opinion.

Your Michael Yon posts are horrible and full of make believe fantasy projection--you really need to make a little more effort there.

But please keep hammering Lieberman, he is an embarassment.

Nonny said...

On the other hand, none of us knows how history will be written.

mikmik said...

There it is, boldly basing reasons for decisions on fantasy - no heed paid to present reality.

anonymous, STFU

Rev.Paperboy said...

he will be rated more highly by historians than his standing in the polls today?

so instead of three out of four thinking he's a complete disaster, it will be two out of three or three out of five? is that the idea here?

I think is what they mean about the soft bigotry of low expectations.

Nonny said...

On the other hand, Rev, you really have no idea. "Three out of five"? Maybe it'll be six out of ten, or 9 out of ten. None of you has the least idea. Stop pretending you do. Bush's term is not over. The US's presence in Iraq is not over. The WoT is not over.

Do you know who came up with the line, "The soft bigotry of low expectations," Rev? Likely not many here; maybe not you.

M@ said...

Do you know who came up with the line, "The soft bigotry of low expectations," Rev? Likely not many here

I do. What's your point?

And what exactly do you see happening? Are you expecting the surge to work, maybe? Is the nation of Iraq going to break out a surprise "Welcome Liberators" party, five years in the making?

No, we don't know. But we've had six years to observe the clusterfuck that is the Bush administration, and I think we can pretty safely say that the end will not be far different from the beginning or the middle.

The race doesn't always go to the swift or battle to the strong, but the smart money bets that way. Do you know who said that, Nonny? I bet you don't.

(I don't really care, I just like wildly speculating on other people's intelligence. Makes me feel smart.)

Anonymous said...


Bush ignored the threat until it literally dropped from the sky upon us.

THEN he saw it. Clearly.

What a visionary.

Nonny said...

I don’t know wh@ it was about my quite reasonable comment that set you off, M@, but … who cares? You’re nothing but a fool. You’ve shown this before, and I see th@ you are determined to show it again.

You said, "I just like wildly speculating on other people's intelligence. Makes me feel smart."

This transparent attempt @ ironic self-deprecation failed, M@ ("I know who's the author of that quote, Nonny. I do!" Well, good for you, boy). You sure do have an over-inflated sense of your intelligence, though. To add insult to injury, you garbled your show-off quote as well. If you're going to throw quotes around and challenge people to identify the author, @ least get it right or risk deserved humiliation.

Also, it's nice to see th@ based on the last six years of the War you think t@ you “can safely” predict the future. Thus, I see th@ you are also really impressed by your own predictive abilities, M@. So, how will the Middle East look in, say, 10 years? How about twenty years? Forty years? Th@’s when whatever historians have to about Bush will be worth listening to. Your silly overconfidence just confirms th@ you’re a fool. M@, you don’t know a thing. Oh, well, wh@ are we to expect from a third rate writer?

Here’s my advice to you M@: Spend more time in creative writing classes and less time here.

Lord, spare me from "artistes" and their childish conceits.

Nonny said...

Shannon, on the other hand, saw the threat all along, but now apparently thinks is receded enough for the US to pack it bags and go back to sleep.

Ah, the ever brilliant left! What geniuses they are!

Anonymous said...

I didn't have the advance information, now did I? Bush had information about al Qaeda planning to hit the WTC and Pentagon almost a year before it actually happened and even that the plan was to fly planes into them, according to Condoleezza Rice.

He knew it and did nothing.

If that doesn't qualify as 'ignoring' a problem until it literally falls down upon your head, then please feel free to define 'ignore' for me-from your own point of view.

M@ said...

Oh, my, Nonny, we do seem cranky tonight, don't we? I am suitably chastened by your unending disdain.

I suppose even I have to admit that, someday, it's possible that someone will be happy with Bush, we must reserve judgement. Heaven forfend that we should rashly point to the complete and utter failure of the war to date while forgetting that, mere decades hence, they might be building fifty-foot Ws in the Baghdad green zone! Yes, anything really could happen! And the lamb shall lie down with the lion! And I am Marie of Rumania!

Well, I suppose some people have to believe that the Iraq war is not so much a failure as a crashing success that has not yet happened (maybe in another six months or so, perhaps -- I've heard we're making progress). The power of positive thinking, eh? If it worked for that coke-head drunkard frat boy D-student who would one day be president, it can work for all of us! Hooray!

Victory party at Nonny's house! See you there in ten years! Or twenty! Forty at the outside! Woo!

Rev.Paperboy said...

Nonny, I know Bush used the phrase in talking about education -- remember back when he was the education president who asked "is our children learning?" --but if you think he originated the concept, think again, its been around in education and social theory circles for decades.
And you're right, I have no idea how Bush will be remembered, we can never foretell the future. Maybe in his last year in office he will single-handedly cure cancer, invent a car that runs on seawater and give a unicorn that shits gold ingots to every citizen of the United States of America. Maybe, but right now he's going to be remembered as the guy who couldn't find Osama Bin Laden, started a completely unnecessary war that will last at least a decade and undermine the stability of the entire region (for bonus points, the war may spread to include Turkey, Iran, Jordan and even Israel before all is said and done -- or the rapture could come and end it all next Tuesday, but I'm betting against it).
Other accomplishments? Eroding civil liberties, failing to save New Orleans from a hurricane, turning a huge surplus into a huge deficit, exacerbating the political polarization of the republic....and that's just the back of the presidential trading card version.

But there is a chance that historians in fifty years might not rate him the worst president ever. Wow, what a moral victory for George W.! He might be more highly thought of in 100 years than Hoover or Filmore or President Paris Hilton (2040-2042, impeached for lying about blowing a goat in the oval office following the invasion of France after the French president referred to her as "La Skank")
Woo! yeah, dubya rules!