Saturday, September 03, 2022


Rex Murphy -- the most hate-filled pundit in Canada -- will now lecture the rest of us on hate:

OK, then.


Coolxenu said...

Deadeye Rex needs to pay off his screech tab again.

Purple library guy said...

Really? The Liberals? Look, I'm not a Liberal, I'm a far left kind of guy. But if there's one thing I won't accuse the Liberals of, it's hate.

Heck, one of their big problems is they don't have enough of the stuff. They don't hate the poor or the immigrants or whoever, but they also don't hate the rich guys running long term care homes that became graveyards because they were skimping on . . . everything . . . so they could make a few extra bucks, or the grocery tycoons jacking up prices and making people dependent on food banks, so on and so forth. They're like, sure, that's kind of bad, but oligarchs are people too, and we have lunch with those guys a lot, and can't we all just get along, the people being hosed and the people doing the hosing?

Calling Liberals haters is just lunacy. And again, it's especially lunacy coming from the political direction almost entirely defined by hate.