Saturday, September 03, 2022

Garnett Genuis is the William Komer of Sheila Gunn Reids.

Jesus Christ ... whiny snowflake much?


Anonymous said...

Garnett Genuis is so delicate...

At least he seems to own up to being a right-wing homophobe.

Anonymous said...

I'm not exactly sure what Genuis thinks could be considered libel in that Tweet he's replying to. I mean, a quick Google search (seriously, I found the stories below within two pages) show that at the very least, there's some truth to what was posted by Kennedy.

Genuis says consuming alcohol ‘hardly’ the most important event from evening
Meeting of MPs over NATO association descends into chaos — and singing
Conservatives push back when asked why they cracked open bottle, launched into song at meeting
Allegations of a 'coup' and 'feeding vodka' to staffers fly after contentious Hill meeting
Tory MP Garnett Genuis Defends Drinking With Staffers At Parliamentary Meeting

- Genuis was Twit-quoted as wanting a serious leader for Alberta. First off, good luck with that. Secondly, that statement was repeated back at Genuis.

- Genuis admitted that he did indeed drink alcohol at the NATO Parliamentary Association meeting. Whether he was drunk is debatable. He probably didn't have to be to act like an asshole there.

- Parliament Hill security had to be called in to remove Conservative staffers who joined in (and possibly initiated) the drinking, though not necessarily due to the drinking. It's unclear whether Genuis himself was booted.

- Several Conservative members (including Genuis) were disruptive, breaking into song during the meeting in question because they had a sad, or something like that. One of those members was current CPC temporary "serious" leader Candice Bergen.

There weren't "a lot of verifiably false statements". There might be a couple where the truth was possibly stretched (his state of inebriation, and whether he was kicked out or not), but unlikely to be libel-inducing. As for whether the post "reflect(ed) a malicious effort to negatively impact (his) reputation"...he's a member of the current CPC. I don't think anything could negatively impact his reputation more than that. Well, simply being Pierre Poilievre might, but I don't think he has to worry about that like Pierre does.