Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Your Conservative Party of Canada: Incoherence in action.

That was then:

Having booked and paid for a flight to Canada, thus fulfilling the conditions under which the government had promised, in writing, to issue an emergency passport, the apparently destitute [Abousfian] Abdelrazik was instead told he needed somehow to get himself removed from the United Nations’ no-fly list before the papers would be issued.

This is now:

It's important that "we make sure that we respond in ways that are intelligent, ways that effectively identify threats before they happen, as opposed to simply massive bureaucratic sets of rules," [Stephen Harper] said, likening this to the "gun registry approach."

"Putting people on a list is not the best way to identify a security threat."

Harper then went on to say something even more incoherent. That's just a guess.

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deBeauxOs said...

Ha! Good catch. Another nail, one hopes, in the coffin of Stevie Spiteful's political career.