Monday, January 25, 2010

In which Vancouver's democracy rally clearly murdered people.

Oh, for the love of mutt, Iceman! Blogging Tory "Iceman", having embarrassed himself before God and country, now casts frantically about for other reasons to dismiss Vancouver's "No Prorogue" rally.

Here's Iceman:

Every weekend when the Vancouver Canucks host a hockey game, tens of thousands of Vancouver sports fans descend on the downtown core to watch the game, be it attending in person or watching at a Sports Pub. Many go early and explore downtown and several hundred commute from the North Shore via public transportation (alcohol consumption is often part of the hockey experience). On Saturday, somebody decided to host a protest at a venue directly in between the Sea Bus terminal and GM Place. They were attempting to draw a crowd on a migratory path of hundreds of Canucks fans, and guess what, they brought food! Makes you wonder what percentage of the alleged "several thousand protestors" (as reported in today's Province) were just Canuck fans walking by?

Gosh, Iceman, I don't know, but since the rally was from 1-3 p.m. and the Canucks' home game wasn't until 7 p.m., we might never know. But don't let that stop you from assuming whatever you want, in the absence of actual evidence.

Oh, wait, Iceman's not done:

Did Protests Cause Traffic Accidents?

I would like to ask the question, were there any serious traffic accidents while these many thousands of people were marching in solidarity through the streets of Canada? I know of at least one, because I saw it. At 1pm "several thousand people" met at the Vancouver Art Gallery and marched through the streets to some undisclosed location. People who were there admit that they blocked traffic. Not long after they began to block traffic on Georgia street (which doubles as a highway), there was a deadly accident south bound in the Stanley Park causeway heading towards Georgia. Stanley Park empties onto Georgia Street. I would encourage any survivors of this devastating traffic wreck to direct your attention to the Canadians Against Prorogation Facebook page for your pending lawsuits.

I guess the kid that planned this party did not consider the possibility that his negligent planning may have killed people. Rather than just meet at one place and stay there, they insisted on making it a traffic blocking street protest. Next time you want to organize a rally to protest a standard Parliamentary procedure, stop for a minute to consider the consequences.

Yes, all you CAPP protesters. You killed those people. You! Or maybe the Vancouver Canucks killed them, but let's not go there because that's not the conclusion Iceman would like to draw.

Stephen Taylor must be so proud.

AFTERSNARK: Iceman's first commenter on that latter post gives him a proper dressing down:

Anonymous said...

So there was no rally as per your post yesterday or there was a rally as per this post?

You make no sense.

I believe "Anonymous" has pegged Iceman nicely, wouldn't you say?


sassy said...

NOTE TO SELF - return to local of CAPP event I partook in on the 23rd and check for bodies.

Alison said...

So to reCAPP : After Vancouver Police determined that what had been originally intended as a sidewalk march from the Vancouver Art Gallery to Victory Square had attracted over 1,000 participants, they blocked off two north-bound lanes on Hornby St. and marshalled the marchers to cross Georgia St at Hornby, thereby causing a traffic accident over one mile away on the Stanley Park Causeway. Got it.

CC said...


You only wish I was making this up, don't you?