Saturday, January 23, 2010

Why today's "No Prorogue" rallies don't matter.

You already know that, regardless of how successful today's anti-prorogation rallies are, they will be dismissed for one reason or another by Canada's Twatwaffle-o-sphere, so here's your chance to predict the inevitable lameass rationales.

Personally, I'm betting on reading, "Well, the weather was so much better than when we had our anti-coalition rallies so it doesn't count," but I'm willing to be convinced that the excuses will be even stupider. You can never go wrong putting a limit on just how moronic and whiny Canada's wankers can be.


Shiner said...

"Real Canadians work... on Saturdays...?"

bocanut said...

I had a 10:00 AM tee-off time on my virtual golf game.