Monday, January 25, 2010

The suckitude of today's youth.

From what I've read, many of this weekend's CAPP rallies can be dismissed since they were full of all those useless kids, and who gives a crap what kids think, right?

Huh ... how odd (emphasis tail-waggingly added):

Canadian National Pro-Life Organization Details Great Success of March for Life

May 31, 2009 ( – Campaign Life Coalition in its June Newsletter reports that the 2009 National March for Life in Ottawa marking 40 years of legalized abortion in Canada was a resounding success with record-breaking attendance. The organization went on to provide many details about the various March for Life events that have not been reported in the secular media...

More than half of those in attendance were youth - high school and university students - many who were proud to display their school banners or pro-life signs reports Campaign Life Coalition. Many wore pro-life t-shirts, signaling their deep commitment to the cause. Jim Hughes, the National President of CLC, said that "the growing number of young people" is a "tremendous blessing" to both the March and to the movement. "This is going to make a difference."

Can you spot the hypocrisy and double standards? Give it time, it'll come to you.

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Plex Flexico said...

It's been long established that, as far as the rabidly-foaming-at-the-mouth conservatives are concerned, that NO ONE on the left "counts", even if they're not poor or "not-white". The only people who "count", the only people who deserve rights and benefits and justice in their minds are themselves. Everyone else can go screw.