Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ask and ye shall receive, Ezra-style.

Once upon a time, I suggested:

Can someone sue Ezra Levant?


P.S. Any bets as to when Ezra puts up a Paypal button to help with his legal defense?

AFTERSNARK: I was, of course, being flippant when I snickered about Ezra and a Paypal button since he's had one for the longest time, and it's just as dishonest as Kathy Shaidle's.

Ezra's Paypal button has the caption, "Donate to fight the HRC," but I'm guessing that he's more than happy to take that cash to defend himself against libel suits, which has nothing whatever to do with the HRC.

I could be wrong, but if Ezra is using donations to defend against non-HRC-related libel and defamation suits, he might make that a little clearer on his web page. Otherwise, that's kind of like fraud. I'm just sayin'.


Cameron Campbell said...

Umm.. immediately or sooner?

Ti-Guy said...

He's already got the PayPal account set up for the next libel suit.

Hideous moral imbecile.

Hinchey's Store said...

This letter is dated July 14, 2009. Isn't this news a little old?

Cameron Campbell said...

And when was it released.. if only there was a way to tell that...

"Date Added


The internets.. amazing things... really..

Dr.Dawg said...


Cameron Campbell said...

... and beer!

Was the deleted comment Patrick?

Dr.Dawg said...

No, he never deletes his own comments. The parasite expects others to clean up after him. :)

Hinchey's Store said...

Sorry Cameron - you're right.

I only read the libel letter. I didn't scroll down far enough to see the date stamp underneath it.

...hmmm. Now how do I learn more about these internets you speak of? I guess I'll go make some popcorn and read my new copy of Internets for Dummies!

Ingo Brigandt said...

He recently acknowledged being sued, and closes with a whole paragraph asking for donations: