Sunday, January 24, 2010

Stephen Harper: Walking and chewing gum not an option.

Huh. Here's an interesting (and undoubtedly unintentional) admission:

Harper appeared unmoved by the rallies Saturday. He was asked several times about the rallies during a morning news conference.

His repeated answer was basically that the government was busy. He did not refer to the rallies in his replies.

"Let me just say the government is extremely occupied these days," he said.

"The government has a lot of work to do to get ourselves prepared for the upcoming agenda of Parliament," he said.

If that last claim is true, then one would naturally conclude that the Harper government is just too gosh-darned busy to, say, attend the Olympics. If one hangs their defense on being, like, totally, totally swamped with prep, it's kind of awkward to explain how you can still take time off to hang out in Vancouver for several days, don't you think?

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