Sunday, January 31, 2010

I'm thinking that FotF Super Bowl ad could have had better timing.

To: James Dobson
Focus on the Family

Dear Jim:

I'm thinking that your upcoming Super Bowl ad lauding the courage of Pam Tebow in refusing to have an abortion and eventually giving birth to one Tim Tebow would have more impact if he didn't currently suck so much.

I'm just sayin'.

LuLu here: My stars, it looks like Mama Tebow's story has some rather large holes in it. Who would have ever thought that a bible-thumping member of FoTF's anti-choice, forced-pregnancy crowd would lie?


double nickel said...

Not to mention her story is full of holes. She was never "forced" to do anything during her pregnancy.

Plex Flexico said...

Hahahahahahaha! So, she's claiming she was "counseled" to have an abortion by a doctor in a country where abortion was illegal at that time, even in cases where the mother's life is in danger?

My goodness, this lying for Jebus thing is getting out of hand!

First you have Palin, claiming to be Anti-Choice, while at the same time attention-whoring her way across the nation, speaking about her courageous "CHOICE" to not abort her last child.

Now we've got Pam Tebow, shilling for those misogynistic bastards at Focus on the Family with lies so transparent they've been refuted before the "commercial" even airs!

The hypocrisy and the lies that their supporters let them get away with is astounding.

The Doc said...

Lulu... are you being sarcastic?

LuLu said...

Of course, Doc -- how could you ever think otherwise?

The Doc said...

Your sarcasm skills are cut to such a fine point that it is occasionally difficult to tell. The razor sharp tip of your sarcasm is rivalled only by the tip of those heels you were wearing on Friday.

THAT's why we love you!