Friday, January 22, 2010

People against prorogation are losers.

It seems like only yesterday that Stephen Taylor had 127,000 people against a Canadian coalition government, and that mass of humanity clearly demonstrated the power of the grassroots, the undying love of Canadians for Stephen Harper and a bedrock principle of democracy that normal people could make a difference.

These days, when it's people with a different point of view, eh, not so much:

... I can tell you that I know of a group on facebook that has a thousand members or so who joined because they support their Prime Minister.

We are just a small number, yes. We do not have the axes to grind that all the NO people do. We are not opportunists like they are. You can be sure that there are many more out there Mr. Prime Minister. For instance, many bloggers write supportive articles and discuss the issues. All of us are your foot soldiers giving out information as we understand it.

Apparently, anti-coalition and pro-prorogation Facebook folks are, like, Teh Awesome while all those anti-prorogation Facebook losers simply have "axes to grind" and are disgusting "opportunists" who can be safely ignored. Because, well, just because shut up, OK?

P.S. When a Blogging Tory qualifies their opinion as being how they "understand" something, that's typically a warning sign that massive stupidity is about to follow. Call that a maxim to live by. It's served me well so far.

HARD TO BELIEVE. Seriously, it's hard to believe that anyone could write the following:

I support [Stephen Harper] because he can make the tough decisions that do not always win favour with his base, but are necessary for the country ... as a whole.

At this point, the one thing you can say about Stephen Harper is that every single thing he's done has representing precisely pandering to his base -- the racist, fascist, scientifically illiterate, uneducated lot of them.

That claim above is so stunningly detached from reality that it purely takes your breath away.


James Bow said...

Do I sense a... hint... of desperation in the title of the guy's blog post? Doesn't it just smack of "We are out there, Mr. Prime Minister! Don't lose hope! DON'T LOSE HOPE!"

One wonders if the person he isn't trying to reassure is himself...

CC said...

Based on the avatar, James, I think it's a she. But I think you've described the level of desperation accurately.

Ti-Guy said...

How old is she? 6?

She sounds like a child.

chris said...

It's NB Tory Gal. Sounds like a "tweenie to me, T-G.
The comments are truly gagworthy.

thwap said...

harper panders to his base. He gives the half-wit chumps whose numbers he needs to maintain his hold on power crumbs and meaningless trinkets, and he gives the oil and other sectors the main course.

Of course, when his moronic base want to "get tough on crime" he'll do that. It makes locking up EVERYONE (including right-wing racist chumps who've lost their jobs and have gotten angry) easier too.

You're right, their attempts to belittle the CAPP achievement are remarkably hypocritical.

But someone else pointed out that petitions signed by a MILLION Canadians have been ignored in the past.

The Mad Bomber said...

"I support [Stephen Harper] because he can make the tough decisions that do not always win favour with his base, but are necessary for the country ... as a whole."

This is, unintentionally, one of the funniest statements ever to have been made about Commandante Harper. Harper has chosen to isolate himself from official scrutiny for three months, and this is "necessary for the country . . . as a whole"? The pity is she may actually believe this.

This is also, unintentionally, a screamingly funny statement when you consider the motivations of political classes as a whole. In their hearts, all of them - ALL of them, including Ignatieff and Layton - would love nothing better than to prorogue, and prorogue indefinitely. And prorogue not only Parliament, but also "prorogue" the media and all scrutiny and opposition generally. Every politician's wet dream is the Orwellian super-state, where accountability is prorogued into the unreachable future.

Southern Quebec said...

She sounds like Hunter of the East. Bleeeech...