Friday, January 29, 2010

Dear Barbara:

Over at the Dawg Pound, there is a brief moment when people suspect that the idiotic, moderately illiterate screed targeting Antonia Zerbisias and posted at Kathy "Five Feet of Arnie" Shaidle's wasn't really written by NP polemicist Barbara Kay, until Kay verifies that, yes, that was her.

But what a lost opportunity for Zerbisias, who could have Harlan Ellison'ed Kay along the lines of:

Dear Barb:

Atached please find a dismaying item I read at Kathy Shaidle's blog today. I felt you would want to see it. Clearly, some certifiably brain-damaged idiot is writing insufferably whiny and illiterate blog posts and signing your name to them. I thought you might want to know this so you could contact the appropriate authorities -- in an effort to stop this clown before your good name is further devalued.

All the best, hugs and kisses, Antonia.

Ah, the inevitable hilarity that would have resulted. Pity.

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Jennifer Smith said...

Have I mentioned that my husband is the proud owner of one of the very few examples of an expletive-free Harlan Ellison autograph known to exist?