Sunday, January 24, 2010

The whining, dear God, the whining.

It's an interesting and depressing experiment to hold one's nose and do a quick tour through the Canadian ColostomyBag-o-Sphere, where one finds nothing but ignorant, dismissive contempt for the just-completed CAPP rallies held across Canada.

For example, here's useless hack and Kate McMillan groupie Monte Solberg, taking reality out back and rogering it with a falafel:

Despite being shamelessley promoted by big newspapers, TV outlets and the opposition parties, a grand total of 3,000 showed up on Parliament Hill to protest the alleged end of democracy in Canada.

There are six or seven rallies every year on Parliament Hill that attracts more people, and with none of the media hype.

One is tempted to explain to Monte that the reason other Hill rallies might be bigger is that they occurred only on the Hill and that people came from near and far to attend, as opposed to CAPP rallies, which occurred across the country.

Or one might be tempted to explain that to Monte, if one didn't already realize that he's dumber than the clumps I scoop out of my cat's litter box on a daily basis. But feel free to give it a try. Let me know how that turns out.

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