Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Apparently, the free market isn't all that free.

Blogging Tory Jabba the Roy is terribly, terribly concerned about the fate of the National Post:

A group that includes Ray Heard, Senator Grafstein and Beryl Wajsman (among others) want to buy the National Post, Montreal Gazette and Ottawa Citizen. Wajsman was on Tommy Schnurmacher's show yesterday. I asked him about 3 grits owning the conservative NP. He assured me that these were atypical, conservative? grits. Wajsman insists the character of the Post will notchamge. I certainly hope not.

Apparently, the fact that you purchase something doesn't mean you then have the right to, you know, do with it what you want or anything. Because even if some Liberals buy the Post, they really have a moral obligation to allow it to continue to be a festering, right-wing sinkhole because, well, Canada's conservatives would be heartbroken if it wasn't.

I had no idea that it was the Liberals' responsibility to subsidize Canadian conservatism. When did that happen?

BY THE WAY, for someone who seems awfully heartbroken over losing the voice of Canadian right-wing batshit craziness and useless hack journalism, Jabba always seems perky when it's an allegedly left-wing media outlet that's having problems.

Go figure.


Mike said...

The Asper family, which owns Canwest, which owns the National Post, is a Liberal family. The late Israel Asper, family patriarch, was leader of the Manitoba Liberal party in the 1970s. Why is ownership by Liberals a concern to Dr. Roy now?

CK said...

I wrote about this today.

Sorry, don't know how to do link tags.

Don't know why Jabba the Roy's underoos are in a knot: this purchase looks unlikely as CanWest's preference would be to sell all it's operations rather than breaking them apart.

Furthermore, it seems they're bringing on a so-called small c conservative to this consortium (don't know who).

I had the misfortune of hearing that shrilly voice on the radio. EEEKKK!!! Me thinks he wears his underoos a few sizes too small.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever read/heard Wajsman? He makes Ezra look moderate...

CK said...

No, in all honesty, I have never read anything of Beryl Wajsman.

Is he really a self-loathing Jew who blames Muslims for his problems like Levant?

I do know he was active with the Liberal party in the past, so what you tell me does come as a surprise.

Still, I hope for balanced journalism of days' past and am glad that it is unlikely that Corus or Astral would take it given the recommendations against such a procurement; would add 'unacceptable debt', according to the securities analyst at TD.

Stimpson, Jabba the Roy is probably worried that if more balanced companies &/or individuals take over the National Posties, they might not let him publish his whining for a private for profit health care in Canada.

Unknown said...

Here's the thing: if it were a bunch of right-wingers buying a left-wing paper, do you think that Mr. Roy would be nearly as concerned with possible changes to the editorial content of the op-ed pages?

CK said...

Andy, are you kidding? Of course Jabba the Roy would jumping up and down with glee if a right winged company or person purchased a left winged or even a balanced; neutral paper.

Oops!! Did I just give some potential readers a frightening visual??

Unknown said...


Precisely my point. It's one of many reasons why Air America has so much trouble - Reich-wingers keep buying up the Air America affiliates and turning them into yet another Reich-wing Two Minutes' Hate station or yet another sports station that no one listens to because of the glut of right-wing/sports talk radio stations.

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