Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hyperbolize much, Justin?

Methinks someone's put a wee bit too much 'roids in their Corn Flakes:

Code Pink supports Islamofascism.

Code Pink, a racist and bigoted left wing group that cheers the murder of American soldiers, is now asking for Muslims to cleanse America.

Code Pink is like many other left wing groups: in favour of national socialism, murder and dictatorship. You simply can't trust people who vote left wing, when the left wing base is so evil.

Yes, Justin, dear, why don't you tell us all about bad people supporting fascism?

Whoops, how did that get in there?

Stephen Taylor must be so proud.

UM ... WHAT?
Excuse me? As God is my witness, I have no snark for that. None.


thwap said...

The internet took the rock off of all the bugs.

Gene Rayburn said...

I don't think realism is an apt description of anything in Justin's world. Roidism yes.

Ti-Guy said...

I never noticed this (from Herr Hoffer's blog):

"I was once a commie, now an ultra Tory."

Good Lord, he's all of 12. When does he find time for all the political engagement and the nervous breaddowns?

Metro said...

He's not politically engaged--He's a Conservative.

Political engagement and toryism in the current climate are mutually exclusive.

And I suspect that if he thinks he was ever a communist, he's redefining the term out of all common recognition.

Hmm. WV = "exorc."

Perhaps he was an orc once too? Or maybe a High Elf Mage?

Ti-Guy said...

I agree. He's probably describing the experience of swelling with emotion when he watched Reds that one time as "being a commie." Then the mood elevators wore off and he became a "Conservative".

None of these people are "Tories."

double nickel said...

By communist he just means that when he had a driver's license he bought his insurance from Autopac.

Larry Gambone said...

The same bat shit crazy rants that make Obama out as a socialist. Members of Code Pink wouldn't be out of place in the Canadian Liberal Party, or at least the NDP. They are moderates for god sake!

Actually its good to have opponents that are so out of it. The last thing you want is intelligent enemies.

CC said...

No, the last thing you want is batshit crazy enemies who know where you live and have access to firearms. That's worse.

ForestP said...

I would agree, right-wing extremists take power through the military and financial powers existing in a country. Left-wing extremists have largely assumed power through revolutionary movements. They're both violent, but one is born out of deep megalomania and self-interest, whereas the other is born out of deep contempt and mistrust of the status quo and a desire for radical change.

I suppose it's not surprising that right-wingers all suffer from egotestical brain farts from time to time. It must be difficult to support an ideology that has very little interest in providing for the needs of a population, while maintaining the argument about how right 'they' are.

Bring the neo-fascist groups out into the open!

Metro said...

I agree that these people are not your father's Tories. They're the Reform party with new bumper stickers.

Sort of like a psychopathic killer in a friendly bear suit.