Monday, January 25, 2010

The collective douchebagitude of the Right.

Over at Kate McMillan's Mocking Dead Jews Roadhouse and Tattoo Parlor (link if you're feeling brave) where Kate is unsurprisingly suckered by bogus rudeness, commenter "LC Bennett" proves that he (she?) is massively out of touch with anything resembling reality:

I have to give the MSM some credit. After a month of relentless focus on a procedural issue that has zero impact on our day to day lives, they have managed to get 290,000 to sign a Facebook page and approx 10,000 (4%) to physically show up at protests. All behold the power of the MSM. Too bad they will never direct any of that energy into researching the internal workings of the IPCC.

Pause for just a minute to appreciate how awesomely either stupid, ignorant or dishonest someone must be to have written the above.

First, given the constant coverage of the increasing membership of the CAPP Facebook group, you'd have to have spent the last two weeks on Mars to not have known that the final(?) size of that group was around 215,000, not 290,000.

And you'd have to be equally stupid/ignorant/dishonest to have completely missed the news coverage where the nationwide total for protesters was estimated to be around 25,000, not merely 10,000.

But it's not the depressing stupidity/ignorance/dishonesty that's so appalling, it's that it's positively collective. The comment above was left at 12:16 PM on Sunday and, in the numerous comments that follow, not a single commenter bothers to correct those values, even when one of them is trivially correctable.

Not one.

The only indication that someone has different numbers in mind occurs several hours later at 8:34 PM:

Hilarious ... 220,000 people can hit a button on facebook and it's a movement ... I wonder how many of then actually voted in the last election. In reality three people who can't spell turn up at Winnipeg ... My newspaper said 1000's accross the country ... but the TV the images were laughably spartan ... I can say with certainty about 5000-7000 people showed up at Olympic plaza for the torch last Monday night less than 10% of that turned up at the Prostest in Calgary ... We know what more important. Go CANADA Go.

Hilarious, indeed, since commenter "Sheila" still can't get the number correct, and hopelessly underestimates the actual attendance.

It's not that members of Canada's Idiot-sphere are that intellectually crippled, but that it's clearly a collective intellectual crippling, where anyone is allowed to say absolutely anything, no matter how idiotic, and everyone else just lets it slide.

The Canadian Idiot-sphere is the very ideal of the non-correcting, hermetically-sealed echo chamber. Incredible stupid goes in ... and it just stays there. The concept of converging on something even remotely resembling reality is simply not a part of their thinking processes.

Oh, wait ... you already knew that. Carry on, then.


sooey said...

Looks to me like Stephen Harper has returned the New Conservatives to the grassroots supporters and given up on everybody else.

sooey said...

By the way, I just checked the comments section over there. There are really only 4 or 5 commenters posting hundreds of comments.