Sunday, January 24, 2010

K-W rally for democracy, and the inevitable whining.

Over at Yappa Ding Ding, Ruth gives us the lowdown on yesterday's Rally for Democracy and elected MPs actually doing what they're paid for. Ruth links to the Record newspaper, which estimated the crowd at about 500, which makes way more sense than the ridiculously lowball figure of about 200 that I read elsewhere yesterday. (I was there just before the official start of 11 a.m., and I could tell there were already around 400 people.)

Unsurprisingly, Canada's panty-yanking whiners show up in Ruth's comments section as "Mike" stops by to redefine the concept of "success":

How many people in Waterloo? Almost a 100 thousand or so?

And only a few hundred showed up?

And you call this successful?

Based on Mike's childish and snotty attitude, a straw poll showed that, of the 50,000 women in Waterloo, only 3 would have sex with Mike. Loser.


NĂ¡mo Mandos said...

There are that many?

crf said...

It's surely within the margin of error