Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Why, yes, I am curious about the final price tag.

Huh. It was just over a couple weeks ago that I pondered what all this was costing us:

Given the recent funding cuts to the ecumenical social justice group KAIROS of all of $7 million over four years and how this was justified in the name of fiscal restraint, it behooves one to ask just how much of the taxpayer's money the Harper government has absolutely wasted [because of prorogation]. And I do mean wasted, so if anyone has the time and inclination, perhaps an accounting is in order.

And, lo and behold, we have a ballpark accounting:

The bill with a few mints is placed at your table, turning the carbon copy over in your hands you read, ‘One order to prorogue parliament - $130 million.’ All I can say is I hope you brought your wallet.

Come March and the new budget, we will all be told that belt tightening is in order. And all of the above will have been forgotten.


Anonymous said...

All this will, of course, be the Liberals fault...

Anonymous said...

Might as well throw in how KAIROS spends its money: