Wednesday, January 20, 2010

And if things go horribly wrong at the Olympics, whose fault is that?

Ugly speculation to be sure, but here's a question for Canada's whingers: If things go badly awry at the Vancouver Olympics and there's a terrorist attack and people end up dead, whose fault will that be?

After all, you folks have been in charge federally for four years, you've had all this prorogation time to allegedly get prepared, you're the "law and order" party, you'll have loads of Canada's military backing you up and so on. So if things don't work out, I'm curious as to exactly how that will be the Liberals' fault. It will be, of course. I just want the actual rationale. Call me curious.

P.S. Replacing the federal Minister of Public Safety only three weeks before the start of the Games? Yes, I'm sure that won't have any adverse effects on planning. What could possibly go wrong?


Holly Stick said...

Obviously it will be Peter Van Loan's fault, if it all goes wrong, his replacement's heroism if it doesn't. Conservatives always have another scapegoat handy.

Anonymous said...

Excuse to Prorogue #13: We prorogued in order to deal with the aftermath of the attack.