Sunday, January 24, 2010


Harper = Hitler? More to this than meets the eye. But make sure you understand just how self-destructive that prank was.

If it can be established beyond any reasonable doubt that those were truly Tory plants out to make pro-democracy protesters look bad, they've done immeasurable damage to their cause since, from now on, every time someone compares Harper to Hitler and the whingers get their panties in a bunch over it, we can quietly and calmly respond that chances are it's one of their own so they can stop whining about it.

So unless it's obviously a "progressive" making such a comparison, all we need to do is suggest it's one of theirs because they have a habit of doing this sort of thing.

They have well and truly fucked themselves.

P.S. Dawg has already identified a couple of Canada's Dumbest Bloggers who are yanking their panties in fury over this apparent fraud. If you notice any more, leave a comment at Dawg's and we can start a list of the inappropriately outraged and see if a sheepish retraction is on the menu any time soon.

And, yes, this really is MSM-worthy.


Gube said...

Wouldn't surprise me if the Harper-Hitler moran at the Waterloo protest was in on this too.
Marching papers from on high?

crf said...

I don't think this stunt came from the conservative party: they'd have to risk being able to keep their involvement secret (for the blowback would obviously be immense).

It's not a complicated scheme, so perhaps it was just a local initiative by some loopy right-wingers. True grassroots.