Tuesday, January 19, 2010

And if you're a bad minister, you'll stand in the corner.

Seriously, this is hilarious. Childish and hilarious.


liberal supporter said...

OT: Meanwhile, it is back to politics as usual. DART arrives in Haiti today, while HUSAR, which was intended for urban search and rescue, is busy running drills here, while waiting to be sent.

Apparently there are protocols and niceties involved. Mainly the fact that Mayor Miller offered to send HUSAR last week, but Steve was too busy posing by the telephone. After all, the most important thing is to get DART in there first, and sooner than Paul Martin got them into a place five times further away. No upstaging of Steve's "man of action" routine by this HUSAR with their rescue dogs that can actually find people in the rubble.

900ft Jesus said...

I know it's uncharitable to feel happy at someone else's fall, but I'm glad that greasy, vile, smug, lying prick got demoted.

Smug bastard. I hope I see him walking down Laurier today.