Friday, January 15, 2010

Introducing the CC HQ "Whiny Canadian Wankers" Do Not Comment List.

We of the Canadian Progress-o-sphere were already well aware of your typical conservative's screeching intolerance for anything even remotely resembling disagreement or dissension. Any comment left at their sites -- even thoughtful, respectful attempts to correct the record -- were hysterically condemned as "trolling," even as the hysterical condemners yapped on and on about their undying love for "free speech" and stuff like that there.

The latest panty-yanking example would be here, where poor "Iceman" purely breaks out in a rash whenever someone stops by to point out -- thoughtfully and respectfully -- that he's full of crap.

Therefore and thusly, I've taken it upon myself to create a "Do Not Comment" registry. It should be fairly self-explanatory, and will allow any of Canada's wankers to publicly announce that even the slightest dissension from commenters causes them to piss their pants uncontrollably, and they'd rather not hear anyone's point of view other than their grovelling, fluffing sycophants. Said wankers will still be eligible for massive and unending mockery, but their inclusion on the list will be their indication that they're not quite ready for the actual give-and-take of intellectual discourse.

So, wankers, there you have it. Feel free to pop by the new blog and advertise your irredeemable cowardice and intolerance, and I'll ask everyone else to respect the blognames on that list and leave you and your circle jerk echo chamber in peace.

Does that work for you? Because I really hate to see grownups cry.


Anonymous said...

You should also expand to include wankers that will allow you to post and AFTER start deleting rebuttals that destroy their arguments....

Sparky said...

Are we allowed to make suggestions for the list?

CC said...


It's tempting, but no, I'm going to leave it entirely up to Canada's wankers to publicly ask commenters not to bother their beautiful minds with such distasteful things like reality and facts.

Although starting that list off with Blogging Tory "Iceman" is sorely tempting.

CC said...

By the way, it will be entertaining if absolutely no one takes advantage of the "Do Not Comment" list, given the number of Canada's whackjobs who perpetually bitch and moan about leftards showing up to leave comments at their blog.

If they truly hate it so much, I'm offering them a simple and painless solution.

CC said...

So far, no takers. How ... odd.