Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Adam Daifallah "Whinefest" Chronicles.

Stephen Harper Party of Canada water-carrier Adam Daifallah whines piteously, but both Adam and his commenters unleash some savagely unintentional hilarity, along the lines of (emphasis towel-snappingly added):

The party simply does not have a critical mass of extra-political organizations and individuals who will come to their aid in times like this. In contrast, in the U.S., the Republican Party has a cadre of like-minded groups and people willing to charge to its defence on a moment’s notice.

The Liberals, on the other hand, can still count on their constituent groups to help out. That old network came to life, as if on cue, in the past few weeks.

One such group is the mainstream media. The coverage of this virtual non-story has been breathtaking. Watching it, you’d think prorogation had never occurred before this year. And we can only guess how much more attention the story would have gotten had the massive tragedy in Haiti not occurred.

Ignoring Adam's hilarious admission that the National Post is not part of the "mainstream media," it occurs to me to suggest to Adam that after the Stephen Harper Party of Canada has relentlessly crapped on Canada's mainstream media for years -- sidelining them, marginalizing them, insulting them, denigrating them and openly stating that they're going to talk right over top of them to the people -- you can't really be surprised when they don't slavishly leap to your defense.

Do I really need to explain that last part again?

P.S. Props to The Jurist for the "whinefest" label.

AFTERSNARK: Adam weirdly gets this part right:

The proroguing controversy is not really a left-right issue.

That's right, Adam, it isn't. It's actually a democracy-fascism issue, where you have Canadians who value democracy, versus those who don't. And it's immensely revealing to see which side of the fence Adam hangs out on.


Noni Mausa said...
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Noni Mausa said...

"One such group is the mainstream media.'

Yeah! Like The Economist. Dang hippies.

sooey said...

The media has been denied access to the government for years now. The New Conservatives are their own undoing.

Dr.Dawg said...

Funny how left-wing journos make such fine right-wing Senators.

Shiner said...

It's funny how he just assumes that this is one of those issues where the act in question is totally defensible. Even Tom fucking Flanagan is calling Harper an idiot and Adam is wishing the CPC just had more friends?

Ti-Guy said...

Even Tom fucking Flanagan is calling Harper an idiot...

Tom "Old Man Smell" Flanagan believes the prorogation *is* defensible. He was just complaining that Harper was being irresponsible for not being candid with Canadians and for treating us like idiots for providing two dozen dozen other silly rationalisations.

I think the problem here is that he hasn't had the chance to mentor the catamites all that well lately.

Shiner said...

Tom "Old Man Smell" Flanagan believes the prorogation *is* defensible.

Right you are, my mistake.

Dr. Dawg said:
Funny how left-wing journos make such fine right-wing Senators.

You're forgetting Mr Kent! But I guess he doesn't count, only being lead anchor at Global and all.