Sunday, January 24, 2010

Let the dumbass, retarded wankitude begin.

Here's Canwest -- no major fan of liberalism or progressivism:

Thousands turn out for Vancouver rally to protest PM Harper's decision to prorogue Parliament

VANCOUVER — Several thousand protesters in Vancouver urged Prime Minister Stephen Harper to get back to work.

A large throng marched Saturday afternoon to a rally in Vancouver's Victory Square to vent against the Harper government's decision to prorogue Parliament. The rally was one of a number in B.C. and dozens across Canada.

And there's the inevitable asinine, dumbshit, asswipe, pig ignorance we've come to expect from Stephen Taylor's uneducated coterie of drooling fluffers.

I believe I've made my point.

: Oh, my ... over the last several minutes, commenters have started showing up at Iceman's, politely correcting the record, and he is not taking it well. I've got screenshots in case Iceman, in a fit of snotty infantilism, begins deleting ugly, offensive, savage, deranged, leftard comments like:

Chris said...

Interesting banter. I was at the Art Gallery. We left there shortly after 1 pm and there were definitely more than a thousand in the walk to Victory Square. I have seen lots of photos and it was here not copied from some other location. I'm in them. It was well attended and organized.
Excellent in fact!


Anonymous said...

You missed the action - first at the Art Gallery, then as a couple thousand people walked north, then east along Hastings, then on Pender, to rally in Victory Square. I was a block away, saw it and joined in. I'm glad you had a good experience walking the streets, we do have a beautiful city:)

Uesless, leftard trolls. I'm sure Iceman will ban their sorry asses in short order. Show up at his place with their facts and knowledge and stuff, will they? I don't fucking think so.

: WTF?

langmann said...

Anonymous, do you have any proof, ie: photographs, that there was an actual protest? SO far I have seen no proof. Other people I have asked in Vancouver saw nothing as well.

I repeat, WTF? What possible response is there to something so delusional? Ladies and gentlemen, your Canadian Conservative Party supporter. Isn't he something?

Oh, Christ, I just pissed myself:

The_Iceman said...

To be fair Langmann, I have deleted over a dozen "link dumps" with the lefties trying to draw traffic to their supporting sites.

So, if I read this correctly, Iceman admits he is delayed and shows up at the Vancouver rally site an hour late after the marchers had already left, then complains there is no evidence of a rally. Commenters apparently show up to try to educate him that, yes, there was a rally, some of who link back to their own sites to reasonably provide graphic evidence of said rally. Iceman deletes all those useful, corroborating links because he hates giving those stupid leftards any traffic. And now, when total imbeciles like "langmann" show up yapping on about no proof that a rally ever existed, Iceman has to sheepishly admit that there is proof, but he childishly deleted all of it.

Could this possibly get any funnier? Let's watch.

Stephen Taylor must be awesomely proud.

: It's childishly easy to mock Iceman, but there's one more observation to be made. In the comments section, Iceman is clearly pleased with all this extra traffic, writing:

I feel honoured to have drawn the ire of such a distinguished group. Getting paid for page impressions is also a nice...

So Iceman has no problem with all the incoming traffic, yet he defends deleting a dozen comments with:

... I have deleted over a dozen "link dumps" with the lefties trying to draw traffic to their supporting sites.

One suspects that what Iceman deleted wasn't tacky "link dumps," but simply commenters trying to refute his idiotic claims with a simple link back to their sites where one would find unimpeachable graphic or video evidence of the Vancouver rally. But Iceman is having none of this! How dare those leftards try to boost their hit count by leaving links to stuff like proof and evidence!!

Shorter Iceman: "Thanks for all the traffic, haha! Now piss off as I refuse to return the favour!!"

Honestly, he has to be eight years old. Nine tops.

THE FUN NEVER ENDS: Yes, yes, now I'm just being cruel, but check this out, as Iceman searches desperately for the rally:

On my way home I decided to stop by Stanley Park, near the giant Olympic rings at Cole Harbour. If there was a great place for these thousands of angry Canadians to congregate at the end of their long march, this must be the place...

Unfortunately there were no protestors at the end of that rainbow. I was very disappointed. I was hoping to see real live protestors frolicking about in their natural environment, but alas all I found were empty streets.

And there's a reason for that (emphasis nad-whompingly added):

A large throng marched Saturday afternoon to a rally in Vancouver's Victory Square to vent against the Harper government's decision to prorogue Parliament.

Pause to savour what happened here. Iceman wants to go to the CAPP rally to mock people who actually value the idea of a real democracy. He does not bother to actually check any of the countless online sources of information to find out where that rally is marching to. Instead, he shows up an hour late, takes a wild guess as to where all those people went ... and guesses wrong. He therefore concludes there was no rally, and goes home.

If a four-year-old did something like that, I would consider them retarded.

PLACE YOUR BETS: At this point, I'm willing to give odds that Iceman is about to disappear that entire post out of sheer embarrassment. Even someone as thigh-suckingly unaware as Iceman must, at this point, realize just how monstrously he's humiliated himself in front of the entire bloggysphere.

I'd take a screenshot but, really, I just don't care that much.


M@ said...

"I showed up where the protest wasn't and -- shock! -- there was no protest!"

Well done, Iceman. Well done indeed.

Holly Stick said...

I like the way he keeps arguing with comments he seems to have deleted. You can almost guess what they wrote by his response. It's like he's a guy in a TV show who can see and talk to leftwingers, but no one else in his world can see them.